(DOWNLOAD) Time Travel & Reality Creation in the Multiverse with Robert Moss (2023)

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Go beyond the here-and-now with dream travel to your future, other worlds, and versions of yourself — to unlock new ideas and creative inspiration for infinite possibilities.

During this reality-expanding course with Robert, you’ll:

  • Experience the conscious practice of dream travel — by setting itineraries, revisiting places you’ve been in dreams, and spending more time in the fertile liminal space between sleep and wakefulness
  • Practice trans-temporal healing as you visit a younger self in their own Now time and discover ways to bring back the magical child — the beautiful bright dreamer who checked out when the world got too cruel, leaving you joyless and bereft of dreams Learn from J.R.R. Tolkien’s and C.S. Lewis’ practices for dream travel into the past, the future, and Othertime
  • Discover how to use your dream memories to shape a better future, clear ancestral karma, and cultivate healing, guidance, and creative energy
  • Observe your other lives in other realities, so you can free yourself from regrets over paths not taken
  • Ask your shamanic allies to help you retrace your steps and reconnect with your soul family so you can impart this knowledge and comfort your inner child
  • Grow your Tree of Vision, establishing a base camp for shamanic lucid dreaming across time and between worlds
  • Make a shamanic lucid dream journey into your possible desirable future
  • Reach across time to other versions of yourself and other members of your multidimensional family — so you can communicate with a younger self and provide counsel
  • Open a personal doorway to your own version of the akashic records
  • Monitor recurring dreams that may be glimpses of continuous lives you’re leading in other realities
  • Play games with synchronicity and with your experience of time and duration

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