[Download] Shifting Vibrations Megapack: Raise Your Vibrations And Shift Reality (2024)

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About the course:

Unlock Your Abundance Manifestation Superpower NOW! Manifest Money Effortlessly While You SLEEP With No Stress

– LISTEN ANYTIME: Over 8 Tracks, with 11 and 20 minute versions of each track to create a massive shift within you. Play them for 5 minutes a day to manifest money EASILY.

– PROVEN AND EFFECTIVE: These tracks have been tested, retested and refined to make sure they’re highly effective and powerful, even from the very first time you listen to them

– MASTER LUCID DREAMING and ASTRAL PROJECTION: At least 2 of the tracks are specifically designed to help you unlock your pineal gland and master your consciousness.

– UNLOCK ABUNDANCE MANIFESTATION: Listening to these tracks for 5 minutes per day will help you unlock your inner ability to manifest ANYTHING you desire including abundance.

– RAISE YOUR FREQUENCY: Balance your energetic state and raise your vibrations – You’ll literally feel a huge difference in yourself when you listen to these tracks for a few minutes a day.

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