Refund policy

Rules to ask a refund:

1. You must be respectful for our staff. don’t say bad words  or use threats to get your away of it.

We also have ego here and don’t respond good for bad words, blackmailing attempts before even try to get along with our team.

2. You must provide video or screenshot showing the content is not work or missing.

Examples for people who don’t get refunded:

Give me a refund now asshole

Give me a refund it or I post bad review on my youtube channel and all the internet.

What to do if the content is missing?

You can check many other courses in our site if you still want this specific course and the content is missing then ask us a refund. If you were respectful so us so sure, you will be eligible to as a refund within 30 days.

If videos are not working try that:

Download the videos and use : VLC Player or MPGH player.