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About the course:

I specialize in healing people who have conditions that cannot be cured by normal science. These conditions range from high blood pressure and diabetes to nerve damage and many other diseases and injuries. I use a special form of hypnosis based on my own experiences. I have taken the best of what works to create a method I find works even better. This course consists of 8 online/DVD lectures and a manual. However, I will continually update with additional lectures each week as I see fit and as new discoveries are made.
If you wish to be awarded a certification from this course, then you will need to complete a final assignment in which you heal a friend, family member or stranger who has a condition that cannot be helped by modern science.
Because I aim to maintain the high quality of the class, I will only be taking 10 students. Each student will be able to speak with me on the phone and video chat as I help to personalize the healing technique for their needs.
I did my best to keep the price reasonable as I do not want to put this technique out of the realm of people who want to learn how to heal. I know what it is like to want to learn something desperately, but not be able to afford a $5000 dollar seminar. I have included videos from clients whom I have helped to heal, so you know that I walk the walk. I am not one of those people who teach something they cannot actually do.
If you take full advantage of the course, as I hope you do, you will be making the same progress with clients, friends, and family.

The class consists of video lectures and manuals that you can download and watch at your convenience. Personal phone calls and video conference sessions are made by appointment to help with any problem areas. You will also get access to online group coaching so you can interact with other students. In addition you will have access to co-instructors to help with the process and answer questions.
Once you purchase the course, I will personally create an account for you and send you your information within 24 hours. This allows for the experience to be personalized as we set up orientation and I get a chance to talk to you about your goals.

What is the best way to maximize effectiveness?
Study at a pace with which you are comfortable. Practice the techniques and keep a journal in which you take notes and reflect on the process. Arrange for phone or video chat sessions with me as needed.

What is the expected outcome?
Learn the techniques and have the ability to use quantum healing on your friends and family.
As an extra incentive, anyone who submits a video testimonial of them healing someone using this knowledge will be certified AND receive a $200 dollar refund. I really want to encourage people to use this information and get out there to help people.
Below are videos of clients sharing their healing experiences as well as videos of a student who completed the course. You will be learning the techniques I have used to help them.

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