[Download] The Non-fungible Token (NFT) MasterClass (2023)

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The Non-fungible Token (NFT) MasterClass – A Comprehensive Guide to the Blockchain’s Non-fungible Token (NFT) Ecosystem and Marketplace

What you’ll learn

  • What are non-fungible tokens (NFTs)?
  • What are the key elements of the NFT ecosystem?
  • Why NFTs are being used by top brands and social media influencers?
  • How to leverage NFTs to build community engagement?


Master the NFT ecosystem to become an effective creator, collector or investor. The NFT MasterClass covers all major elements of the NFT ecosystem from its history, top collections and key marketplaces to the nuts and bolts of navigating this space effectively for greater profits, community building and more. You will learn what drives effective NFT solutions from content, utilities, storage considerations, smart contracts, top blockchains, crypto wallets and more. Case studies are presented on top verticals including NFT use in art, music, decentralized finance, gaming and the metaverse. Whether you or your company are creators, collectors or investors, the NFT MasterClass will have you owning your role in the NFT space.

Want to create effective content and community engagement to support your art, social media and brand? Non-fungible token technology is being used by top artists, brands, media influencers and entrepreneurs to create sustainable businesses. It is also being used by top investors and collectors to build and secure their portfolios during a time when asset theft and the use of fakes (from art to luxury goods) is rampant. Knowledge is power (and safety and security). Understand and use NFT tech today.

Master the key tool used to build and participate in Web 3.0.

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