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About the course: 

NFT marketing easy to understand – Learning how to use Twitter and Discord to sell out your NFT collection.

What you’ll learn

  • Design NFT marketing strategy
  • Build community of NFT investors on Twitter
  • Build active Discord community
  • Sell out your NFT collection
  • Raise floor price of NFT collection


  • You need basics of digital marketing. You need at least basic knowledge about Twitter and Discord. You should know NFT space well.


Are you struggling with NFT marketing? I understand! It’s a completely uncharted territory. The fact is there are many scammers and charlatans who will take your hard-earned money and (in better case) do nothing.

Would you like to know how to do NFT marketing by yourself? Are you interested in learning how to use Twitter and Discord to sell out your NFT collection?

Welcome to my course about NFT marketing.

My name is Jakub Pajer and I sold out 5K NFT collection in less than 24 hours. I have 15 years of digital marketing experience focusing on copywriting and web analytics.

It doesn’t matter if you are a marketer, founder of NFT project, community builder or NFT investor trying to get deeper understanding of NFT marketing.
This course will give you all the valuable information you need in order to sell out your NFT collection.

If you purchase my course, you will learn:

  • When & how launch website
  • When & how launch Twitter
  • What to do on Twitter
  • How to do giveaways on Twitter
  • How to find out scammers and low-quality promoters on Twitter
  • When & how to launch Discord
  • What to do on Discord
  • How to raise floor price

+ much more!

I have very valuable information for NFT founders too, so if you do plan to launch collection, make sure to check out my course as well. I will go over most pressing issues you will face such as how to set mint price, how to get team together, etc.

Have you ever wondered how successful NFT collections build the hype?
Have you ever scratched your head thinking how they could get so many retweets and likes from their first tweet?

I will teach you how! It’s easy. It doesn’t take rocket scientist to figure it out!

Do you think investors don’t buy NFTs because of crypto winter?

They do. They are just smarter about it. And you need to be smarter with your marketing too.

I will also give you tips how to raise floor price  and how to keep working on Twitter and Discord after mint, because if you are able to sell out a collection, why not create another one? And for that you need to keep in touch with your minters. They trust you already and they will most likely ape into your next project!

Who this course is for:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Specialist
  • NFT project founder
  • Community builder
  • Twitter NFT specialist
  • Discord NFT speciallist
  • NFT investor

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