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About the course: 

Become A Digital Entrepreneur In Under 90 Days

Get clarity on your offer, your target market, their wants and needs then launch your webinar, workshop and online courses in a fraction of the normal time!

Who Is The 12 Week Business Fast Start For?

#1: People Wanting To Start An Online Business

Discover how to find the best business model for YOU + the products / services that are perfect for your audience in a fraction of the usual time.

#2: Business owners wanting to sell digital products

Been kicking a dead horse of a business for far too long? Need to refine your offering and target market, again? This process is perfect for you.

#3: Professionals wanting to teach online

Sick of having a boss telling you what to do? Want to choose your location and hours? Convert your career to an online business now!

What’s In The 12 Week Course?

Week 1 – Master Your Money

Your personal finances are the basis of your business, whether you like it or not. Let’s address that as step one, so we can get it out of the way and build from a solid financial foundation.

Week 2 – Design Your Life

Use a series of mind maps to truly design a life that inspires you and all those around you. The mini course will walk you through the process with ease.

Week 3 – Discover Your Niche

Use our famous Niche Matrix to discover where your best opportunity awaits. Start your ideal business with confidence and clarity that lasts a lifetime.

Week 4 – Start Your Business

Explore your Why, What, Where and How Use the Major Project Development process from the Design Your Life workshop to get deep on the most important elements of a business at concept stage.

Week 5 – Your Target Market

Which demographic is going to make your business hum the best? Let’s get clear on who you should be targeting with your new solution.

Week 6 – Marketing 101

The secret to attracting your avatar is not to shout. Instead, you just need to whisper the right words in the right ear.

Week 7 – Extract Your Wisdom

You ARE an expert in your field. It’s time to extract the most important things your customers need to know and do to win.

Week 8 – Brainstorm Your Modules

They have a problem you can help them solve. But what specific steps do they need to take?

Week 9 – Your High Ticket Items

What are your 1 on 1 sessions, retreats and VIP clubs going to offer? Which of your modules are too big or valuable to put into your standard course and need to be stand alone products and services?

Week 10 – Design Your Webinar

Use our proven webinar templates to construct a rocking webinar that sells one to many.

Week 11 – Design Your Workshop

Draw from POVAR’s many years of workshop excellence to design and build out a workshop structure that has your customers referring you to all their friends.

Week 12 – Design Your Online Course

Design an online course that makes you money and sells your stuff while you sleep!

Meet Your Instructor

I’ve been helping people design and build workshops, webinars and online courses since 2013.

Extracting the most valuable IP (intellectual property) out of someones career and life story is my passion and ninja skill!

  • Having assisted thousands of people in the process of designing their lives, I’m super clear on what you need to be happy, have meaning and to serve a real purpose in your community – which I believe is the best feeling any person can posses in their lives.
  • I came from a very disadvantaged upbringing. Having struggled to find meaning and happiness for the first 28 years of my life, I know how dramatic the change can be in someones life who discovers their calling and takes action to make something of value out of their life story.
  • I’ve now had the fortune of living a very free life for the past 15 years as a result of doing the work contained in this 12 week course. I’ve striven to pass on not only the practical steps you need to take, but also to share with you the wisdom that can only come from doing it the hard way for so many years!

This 12 Week Course will enable you to be free from the corporate machine. Come join me on this journey to be of service and to solve the world’s most pressing issues in 2020!

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