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About the course:

It’s 2024. We all (hopefully) know that the biggest lever in the ad account isn’t structurally hacking the campaigns or crafted 1% lookalike audiences….

It’s the creative process.

Meta was quite literally quoted in their last conference saying “56% of all auction outcomes can be attributed to creative” -Meta

Ad Creatives is the new way to target customers. We need to connect with prospects on a EMOTIONAL level.

We cannot build desire. But we CAN lean into the desires our audience already has using our ad creatives.

It’s simple: better ad creatives = better targeting, better return on adspend, more revenue, & happier customers 

Designed for fellow creative strategists, media buyers, and other marketing roles.

In this course I’ll being going DEEP into the following:

  •  Creative Strategy 101
  •  Foundational Learning & Resources
  •  Roles & Responsibilities
  •  Master Creative Strategist Tool Kit
  •  The 9 Pillars of Creative Strategy (the bulk of this course)

I cover each of these sections IN DEPTH:

  1. Alignment
  2. Research
  3. Avatar Development
  4. Ideation
  5. Briefs, Script Writing & Strategy
  6. Content Production
  7. Launch & Creative Testing (Media Buying)
  8. Creative Reporting, Creative Analysis & Ad Iterations
  9. Organization & Practical Creative Operations

And yes, you will also learn how to bring it all together!

  •  BONUS 1:  Chat GPT prompts for each of the 9 Pillars, how to grade UGC creators, how to conduct a creative evaluation & More
  •  BONUS 2: You’ll get a complimentary Q&A style 30 mins call with me directly to fill in any gaps, answer questions and help you with your Creative Strategy! ($125 value!)

This course will NOT:

  •  Show you how to design ads in photoshop/Canva
  •  Go in depth on media buying account structures

With this Master course you and your team will be able to generate new innovative ad creatives that will help you scale your ad accounts, build new ad angles and reach your target audience.

The goal is to take you from A to Z in all steps of Creative Strategy.

Let’s goooo!

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