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This course consists of 12 modules that will teach you everything about investing.
Would you believe that being good at saving money won’t make you financially successful?
To truly win with money you must make your money work harder by investing and multiplying those funds! This course will show you how to transform yourself from a confused moolah to a Mega Money Babe who has a bank that never stops growing.
The Content

Let’s make you rich in 12 life changing modules
Module 1 – Are you going to let it make or break your career?

We will go over the basics of compound interest so that you can use it FOR you, instead of against you.
Module 2 – Fly away money

What to do instead of storing your money in a savings or checking account?
Module 3 – How to locate the $$$$ you want to invest

We need to understand where we are at the moment before we can know where we’re going. This module will take you on a deep dive into your finances to help you increase your savings.
Module 4: Goal getter

Learn why you keep getting in your own way and how you can set goals that you will actually achieve.
Module 5 – What type of investor are YOU?

Because there are no universal investments, it is important to determine what type of investments you should make.
Module 6 – Investment 101

Everything you need to know about investing, but without all the fluff and confusing language.
Module 7: Millionaire Investing Systems

We show you how to make investing simple and almost effortless.
Module 8 – Building a million-dollar portfolio

These are the easiest ways to make your money work harder and make it more.
Module 9 – Houses and Money

We’ll show how to make 90% of the millionaires around the globe from real estate.
Module 10 – The best time to invest

Is it always a good time for you to buy? This is how it works: We break it down for you so that you can determine the best time to buy.
Module 11: Investing goals

If you are saving for a house or a wedding, which investment should you make? Here are some examples of what works.
Module 12: A sneak peak into Nicole’s portfolio

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