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The perfect mastermind for ambitious business owners looking to increase their company’s revenue to multiple 6-figures or more. While enjoying working hard and generating amazing results for their customers.

Requirements For Joining The Nutrition CEO Mastermind

Three essential requirements are required for joining the mastermind. Check these out prior to making your application.

  • It is necessary to be an proprietor of an online nutrition company that has the right qualifications and licensure in order to engage in nutrition.
  • You should be making at minimum $100,000 in gross annual revenue for your company.
  • At minimum one scalable offering that you’ve developed and would like to expand (not just one-off services.)

We’ve developed these guidelines to ensure that the group is truly a mastermind in which the support of the group is as important (if not as useful) as the guidance and support provided by Laura her team and her guests experts.

Because we understand that having connections with other nutritionists who are on the same journey as you, and facing the same issues as you are, is among the most beneficial things you could be able to build when you are working toward growing your business regardless of the stage of your entrepreneurial journey you’re at.

Please email our team at [email protected] if you have any questions about whether or not your business qualifies for this mastermind. If you’re not sure if you’re eligible you can take advantage of other programs that can assist you in reaching the next level of your business!

Hi, I’m Laura Schoenfeld.

I’m a woman’s health expert and certified dietitian (RD) who has a desire to assist business owners in the field of nutrition get their lives to a common sense of their business goals so they can work with an attitude of peace and abundance, and increase their earnings in addition to their impact while enjoying the satisfaction.

In contrast to other business coaches, I’ve worked in the field of health and wellness andI’ve made a significant investment in my own online business education and mentorship in order to reach a stage that I’m now making more than fifty million dollars worth of revenue annually.

Interesting fact Are you aware that I’ve invested more than $250,000 in my business development and mentoring over the last seven years?

That’s not even what I’m paying for the financial cost of expanding my business. It took me many hours of learning, testing from my mistakes, experimenting and many failures to reach where I am today.

In the end I’m able to tell you one thing that is certain: There’s no way I could be where I am today if I not made the decision to make a commitment to my development and find the people who can assist me in accelerating my business more quickly than I had ever thought possible.

It’s true that managing an online business can be extremely isolating. If there’s no proper strategies and processes put in place will consume nearly every single moment of your spare moment… that can lead to major health issues (I’ve experienced it before!) and serious burnout in the business.

and after having worked for hundreds of my clients throughout the years, helping others RDs to reach their first goal of $20-100kplus months, and assisting my colleagues in groups I’ve been a part of personally…

I was certain that I needed to apply my knowledge and experience to assist other nutrition entrepreneurs build their businesses online even faster and with less effort than I did.

This is why I started the mastermind group that I wanted I had at the time I first began working towards making my first year a multi-figure year.

And I am thrilled to provide a platform for you to enjoy joyful and profitable growth in your business and be with and supported by other entrepreneurs on the same adventure of entrepreneurship.

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