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Explore the Magnetic Charisma curriculum

Magnetic Charisma is a 14-day online program for developing a powerful presence, and harnessing your authentic magnetism to inspire, influence, and impact the people around you.

You’ll join Vanessa Van Edwards in daily 20-minute video lessons, as she guides you through every step of her globally acclaimed system for embodying charisma naturally.

You’ll gain advanced communication techniques that supercharge your interactions with others. You’ll experience profound mindset shifts that vaporize any social anxiety and transform how you see and think about yourself.

And by the end of the program, you’ll have full mastery of your authentic magnetic charisma: and the power to channel it in every dimension of your work, relationships, and personal life.

PART 1: Build a presence that turns heads (Day 1 – 4)

You begin your journey by exploring the foundation of charisma: presence. Your presence is the totality of everything you project into the world – including your body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, and other subtle nonverbal cues. And you’ll master them all through science-based tools and techniques that meaningfully uplevel how you show up in any situation.

Highlights include:

  • Escaping the three invisible Charisma Traps: free yourself from the most common mistakes and misconceptions that drain you of your natural charisma (most people do these without ever realizing).
  • Fuelling up your charisma tank: set up powerful charisma goals that break you out of your disempowering social patterns, energize your self-esteem, and drive you towards far more meaningful interactions.
  • The science of being memorable: with a little neuroscientific magic, you’ll master the art of creating unforgettable conversations and interactions with every person you meet.
  • Charisma beyond words: use these simple yet ingenious shifts in your tone of voice and body language to instantly appear more charismatic to the people around you.
  • And much more.

PART 2: How to rapidly understand other people and appeal to their needs (Day 6 – 9)

Charisma is as much about others as it is you: so after building your memorable presence, you’ll begin developing the skills and disposition you need to nurture great empathy, connection, and teamwork with any individuals or groups of people.

Highlights include:

PART 3: Make you and your business magnetic (Day 10 – 14)

When you channel your charisma into your work, you open yourself to life-changing new possibilities in your wealth, performance, and impact. And you’ll discover how to do it in this final part of the program, through powerful strategies encompassing teamwork, leadership, influence, and more.

Highlights include:

  • How to persuade and inspire with your presence: whether it’s a negotiation, a brainstorm, or that all-important presentation – you’ll use these breakthrough business communication techniques in every dimension of your career to be the person everyone wants to hear from.
  • The secret code of self-confidence: discover subtle yet profound vocal cues and techniques that project an undeniable aura of warm, inspiring, trust-deepening confidence in every conversation.
  • Leading with charisma and kindness: master the science of influencing, persuading, and moving your teammates, co-workers, and clients in a way that builds deep trust and rapport.
  • Your charisma activation life plan: combine all of your breakthroughs throughout the program into a total life action plan that funnels your charismatic power into every area of your life, every day and in every way.
  • And much more.

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