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Modern QiGong – With Qigong Master Lee Holden As Your Guide, Gain A Rewarding And Easy Daily Qigong Practice That Keeps You Strong, Mobile & Energized At Any Age. Get Access To The Modern Qigong Program Now As A Mindvalley Member.

The Curriculum

Explore The Modern QiGong Curriculum

On each day of your 30-day Modern Qigong journey, you’ll be immersed in 20 minutes of ‘Qi time’: where you’ll experience a direct connection with your own life force energy, and the energy all around you.

Lee himself will guide you on each day through a series of engaging video tutorials and easy-to-follow Qigong exercises.

Perhaps for the first time, you’ll be able to feel your Qi surging through you. And you’ll discover exactly how to strengthen it, work with it, and harness it to your benefit.

By the end of the program, you’ll know all of your Qigong exercises by heart. And just like having a toolkit to fix things around the house, you’ll be able to apply any of them to rise above any challenge, situation, or obstacle that emerges in your daily life.

Your new Qigong practice and knowledge will stick with you for life: so you can enjoy every decade to come in a state of vibrant energy, deep emotional bliss, and unbreakable flow.

PART 1: Getting To Know Qi (Day 1 – 10)

You’ll begin with a deep dive into Qi: what it really is, how it functions, and how it invisibly influences you, other people, and everything around you. In addition to learning a series of fundamental Qi exercises, you’ll also gain a profound new perspective on the flow of life, nature, and your true place in our vast energetic ecosystem.

Highlights include:

  • The untold truth about stress (and the fastest way to banish it): explore the energetic explanation of what stress really is – and gain a simple Qigong exercise to instantly flow it out of your body, even on the most challenging of days.
  • Instant focus and clarity with daily Qi breaks: add these easy Qigong exercises to your daily routine to clear out anxiety and overwhelm – and replace that unwanted energy with deep focus and mental clarity (you can even do them seated at your desk).
  • How to have the best sleep of your life: use this soothing exercise before bedtime to banish your sleep issues, and enjoy a deep, refreshing, uninterrupted night’s rest, every night.
  • Heal and energize your body and mind with Qi breathing: you’ll notice an incredible difference in your energy levels and emotional balance – just by making these effortless adjustments to the way you breathe.
  • And much more.

PART 2: Enshrining Your Qi Practice (Day 11 – 20)

Once you know the fundamentals, it’s time to go deeper with powerful Qigong practices that go beyond your basic bodily functions – and elevate you towards higher levels of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. The tools you gain here will leave a lifelong impact on how you feel, look, and show up in the world.

Highlights include:

  • Embracing the moment with your full presence: harness your Qi to release your worries and regrets of the past, and your anxieties about the future – so you can shine bright and strong in the present.
  • Calling on nature for limitless energy: one of the best ways to reverse aging and fatigue is to draw from the abundant energy of nature itself. Use these Qigong exercises to feel beautifully rejuvenated and connected to your surroundings.
  • The Qi shield for self-protection: harness this method to shield yourself from the negative energies of other people, hostile situations, and unhealthy environments – so you can still show up when and where you need to, without harming yourself.
  • Channeling the wisdom of the Universe: gain instant inspiration, intuition, and solutions to tricky challenges by harnessing your Qi to connect with a higher power.
  • And much more.

PART 3: Mastering Qi, Mastering Yourself (Day 21 – 30)

Your Modern Qigong journey culminates in this final step: an eye-opening exploration of advanced Qi exercises and principles normally reserved for the masters. Here you’ll discover how to awaken your limitless potential in every dimension of your life and being, by harmonizing your Qi with the elements and energetic forces around you.

Highlights include:

  • Flowing with the five elements: the five elements of nature – earth, fire, wood, water, metal – each have their own energetic signature. And by learning to flow with each one, you gain access to a natural wellspring of vitality, wellness, and joy.
  • Mastering your body: discover how to harness Qi to gain the fullest connection to your body’s inherent intelligence – so you always intuitively know what it needs to stay youthful, healthy, and energized.
  • Mastering your emotions: by gaining a deeper energetic awareness of your emotions, you no longer have to struggle with the negative or disempowering ones. Instead, you naturally transmute them into productive thoughts and energy.
  • Mastering your consciousness: discover an energetic map of who you really are beyond your transient thoughts and impulses – and gain an incredible new level of self-awareness and inner stillness, no matter what’s going on around you.
  • And much more.

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