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Power University is the proven online program designed to get you respect, status, power, and leadership opportunities. FAST.

With Power University we set out to fix all the issues of self-help.
So that you can enjoy an unfair advantage.

1: Power University is based on reality

We start from a dispassionate look at how things are using science, experience, and testing out what truly works to achieve goals.

A commitment to what’s true is a necessary precondition to our second step, which is being effective.

2: Power University makes you ruthlessly effective because it’s built for real-world effectiveness

Our goal is to make you effective, with lots of options, and successful -be it in dating, career, or social life-.
For that, we focus on the practical. You will learn exactly what you need to do to achieve goals, and get what you want.

You learn exactly what real-world behaviors make you successful by looking and listening to real-world examples and case studies.

Some of the lessons our students enjoy the most help you get rid of subconscious behavior that makes you submissive, insecure, or “too nice”.
And then you learn to adopt the behavior that makes you high status and worthy of respect, promotions, admiration, and love.

3: Power University integrates ruthless effectiveness with win-win

Finally, we believe that you’re generally better off with high-quality, win-win partnerships, friendships, and dating and relationship partner(s).
So we explain how to develop a high-quality character that attracts and retains other high-quality people.

Win-win generally make most people happier and more fulfilled.
So as our final step you will learn how to use your advanced skills to add value to the world and to the people around.
And with that, which is our final mission, you can also make your positive dent in the world.

4: Power University is built to ingrain habits that stick so you become a high-quality man

You will not just learn, but internalize and become a higher value man.
Power University is built to facilitate personal transformation in both mindsets and behaviors. so that both will stick.

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