[Download] Ali Khan – The Advanced MMXM – Inner Circle Dragons (2023)

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About the course:

What’s covered in these video lectures?

  • The anatomy of the MMXM
  • Personal model, entries, and risk
  • Unicorn Model
  • Silver Bullet × Dblock Model
  • How to hunt for setups
  • Understand market narrative and directional bias
  • MMBM
  • MMSM
  • MMXM Grading
  • Swing Deviations
  • Types of gap and where they form
  • High probability orderblock/FVG formation
  • Range calibration
  • High probability BMS
  • How to determine buyside and sellside delivery ranges
  • Accumulation/Distribution blocks
  • Accumulation/Distribution cycle flows
  • High probability turtle soup entries
  • High probability accumulation/distribution stages
  • Understanding consolidations
  • MMXM x AMD x Power of 3
  • MMXM x Time
  • Theory in practice – real chart mmxm breakdown
  • Change is state of delivery (CISD)
  • Smart money reversal
  • SMT
  • Timeframe selection

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