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The 24 week Fundamentals course gives you all the information you require in the field of voice technology and conversational design. When you finish with the course, you’ll be an Certified Vocal Interaction Designer, and ready to work in all areas of voice technology or for your own company.

The future of voice. Make your career more successful by taking classes in Voice Interaction Design from active experts and leaders in the field and let our career experts assist you to make yourself job-ready.

What you’ll learn

In this course of 24 weeks Voice Interaction Design Specialization, you’ll gain everything you need to become a proficient designer of voice interactions. It will also give you the opportunity to learn how to design and create voice interactions with thought-leaders who are actively shaping the standards for voice technology. We’ll guide you through the fundamentals of conversation and voice design, all the way to understanding the way that voice technology works. We’ll dive deep into the strategy of conversation design and involve you in you Capstone projects. At the end this course you’ll have two applications for voice that you successfully designed, developed and then deployed.

  • Essential abilities of the design of conversation and voice
  • Voice-first strategy framework and thinking about voice
  • The building blocks and fundamentals of voice design as well as voice technologies
  • The process of designing voice methods, techniques, and tools
  • Test your voice app by using Wizard of Oz (WoZ) Testing and Usability testing
  • Conversation design strategies and the guidelines
  • Methods to validate, evaluate and improve the performance of voice interactions
  • Inclusive Design Framework
  • Ethical and Privacy Voice Design Framework

A preview of the course

Have a sneak preview at our class. The course includes:

  • 24 weeks of voice interactions specialization training
  • 100+ hours of video and exercises and assignments to accompany the course material
  • Twelve hours of expert interviews with experts
  • 3 Capstone projects
  • Learning at your own pace
  • Access to the full lifetime of your subscription
  • Access to mobile
  • Peer feedback and graded assignments
  • Quizzes that are graded and feedback is provided.
  • Certificate of completion that can be shared
  • The private slack channel that has accessibility to the team as well as other students at all times



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