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I used to think that you both had to be a full-time, Balls To the Partitions Entrepreneur, Or You were a victim of The Company Continually.

I didn’t realize there was a candy shop between.

There was no idea that there was an area where you could enjoy the financial security you’d get from a company but the day-to-day flexibility you can enjoy as an business owner.

I was that stupid little girl with no idea that influencers had people working alongside them…actually I believed that they could do everything all by themselves.

Graphics, branding operating procedures, internet sites, the videos that are modified and the merchandising products and the management of social media as well as the customer service… in fact everything!

It was a day when an influencer made a post on IG that she was looking for an assistant on the digital side. I was unsure of about what it was and then later found out it was really the coolest spot you could ever find.

This is the reason being an VA is the most sloppy of jobs:

1. You must work closely with influencers

2. The world is always evolving, so you’ll not be able to go back 30 years and think “I was the same person 10,950 times.” …” Instead you might think, “Dude… my work was to produce content, communicate to people, keep obligations in every area of an organization, and then create merchandise with the words “Simply Fartin’ Around” on it! !”

3. Since you are involved in a wide range of shit, it is important to study different types of shit as well as different methods to accomplish this shit to ensure that you continue to become an appreciated asset!

The Deeper ViewDefining YourselfLearn about the three types of digital assistants, their functions of each, and the best way to describe your own self as an electronic assistant

SECURE CLIENTS: Study every method to tell whether an influencer is interested in to be a VA (with being able to stalk the crap from them via IG) and how you can get the message across without having to your own in the DM and also how you can get the job!

Expectations and BoundariesLearn to minimize functional ambiguity, enhance the readability (so you know exactly what is the problem you are delivering! ) Set boundaries, define them and build healthy relationships with your clients.

Technology and Apps- Research every app and software programs, as well as the tech you might need to purchase and then hold it all together as an VA (with the option of purchasing the equivalent of a million dollars worth of software)

Work smarter – Learn how to implement my tried and tested methods that have allowed me to perform better- and not work harder as an employee (plus how you can manage all your duties and tasks without feeling overwhelmed and you’re always a mess!)

Building long-term relationships- Research the factors that lead to powerful relationships with the short-term buyers who see what an value you are and think, “holy fuck- I must have them on my staff eternally!”

CAVAV TRAINING – Warm up by studying the way you can make deliverables using templates, and then move to the next level and master the art of creating one of a kind graphics with SCRATCH

KAJABI TRAINING- Learn the aspects associated with Kajabi (creating the gross sale pages, opt-in forms as well as gross sales funnels, offers, products and all the little shit that’s in between!)




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