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The Unlimited Abundance program is an online energy clearing experience designed to erase each of your Abundance Blocks, one after the other. Through a series of immersive audio recordings, Christie will tap into your energetic frequency, access your subconscious mind, and liberate you from each of your Abundance Blocks. The program is designed to give you the same transformation you’d experience through one-on-one energy clearing sessions with Christie, a Master Energy Healer – but at a fraction of the price, and at your own comfortable pace.

There Are 24 Abundance Blocks Holding You Back – And 24 Audio Sessions That Focus On Eliminating Each Specific Block

Your journey begins with the Abundance Block Diagnosis Test: an online self-assessment process that simulates a one-on-one session with Christie. Just answer a series of simple questions, and you’ll be advised on which Abundance Blocks to work on first. Each Energy Clearing session comes with a PDF manual and will help eliminate each of your Abundance Blocks, one after the other. You’ll experience a powerful and immersive process which taps into your energetic frequency, accesses your subconscious mind, and liberates you from a specific abundance block.

PART 1: Intro Session: Clearing Resistance

The Resistance Abundance Block affects everyone to varying degrees. Begin your Unlimited Abundance journey by erasing it first, and opening yourself to positive change.

PART 2: Clearing Fear-based Abundance Blocks (5 Sessions)

Fear is the root cause behind many of the most damaging Abundance Blocks – and overcoming it can lead to many empowering breakthroughs in your life. Use these sessions to break free from fear:

Highlights include:

  • Clearing Doubt: release self-doubt and make decisions from a space of confidence. Clearing Fear of Change: embrace change and release patterns that no longer serve you.
  • Clearing Fear of Rejection: welcome rejection and use it as a launchpad for success.
  • Clearing Fear of Numbers: no amount of money can ever seem impossible to you again.
  • Clearing Fear of Scarcity: amplify your confidence by embracing the energy of generosity.

PART 3: Clearing Abundance Blocks That Make You Feel Stuck (4 Sessions)

Certain Abundance Blocks keep you trapped in a holding pattern, unable to move forwards and upwards. Use these sessions to clear them and carve a prosperous path ahead:

Highlights include:

  • Clearing Money Zapping Decisions: the ones you unknowingly make every day.
  • Clearing Fear of Growth: instead of avoiding personal growth, start embracing it.
  • Clearing Fear of Success: reconnect with source energy and discover your true potential.
  • Clearing Feeling Stuck: adopt daily actions and habits that build positive momentum.

PART 4: Clearing Abundance Blocks That Cloud Your Clarity (5 Sessions)

If you’re having trouble seeing and planning for the future, you may be pinned down by one of these Abundance Blocks. Here you’ll find five sessions to help you regain a strong vision for what’s ahead:

Highlights include:

  • Clearing Indecision: turn your indecisive tendencies into an instinct for fast, fearless action.
  • Clearing Disempowering Values: let go of the unnecessary, realign with your true purpose.
  • Clearing Your Future Vision: tap into your psychic abilities and perceive what’s ahead.
  • Clearing Clutter: tidy the disorganization and energetic mess clogging up your abundance.
  • Clearing Blocks To Abundance: align every area of life with the vibration of abundance.

PART 5: Clearing Abundance Blocks That Weaken Your Sense Of Personal Truth & Ownership (5 Sessions)

All Abundance Blocks are disempowering – but these ones, in particular, tend to disconnect you from your deepest truths, and your ownership of your life choices. Use these sessions to overcome them:

Highlights include:

  • Clearing Family Blocks: dissolve negative energetic charges passed on by your family.
  • Clearing Blame: finally take full charge of your own life and choices.
  • Clearing Access To Your Greatest Self: trade in the ‘old’ you for the best version of you, right now.
  • Clearing The Path To Your Future Self: discover how to awaken your true self in your near future.
  • Clearing Lack Of Self Worth: release childhood experiences holding you hostage today.

PART 6: Clearing Money & Career Abundance Blocks (4 Sessions)

Abundance Blocks can appear in all areas of life, but rarely more often than in your career and finances. Start earning what you’re worth and perform the best work of your life with these sessions:

Highlights include:

  • Clearing Profit Blocks: release the patterns causing you to bleed money at work.
  • Clearing Self Sabotage: reshape your karmic debt by guiding your soul towards self-love.
  • Clearing Financial Mess: shift your finances from disarray to a beautiful state of harmony.
  • Clearing Financial Illusions: shatter the illusions about money that do not serve you.

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