TikTok Mastery – How To Use Tik Tok Ads To Go From 0-$10k Profit Per Month (2022)

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About the course: 

How to Use Tik Tok Ads to go from 0-$10k Profit Per Month

Why aren’t you getting more views, more clicks or more products sold? 

Stagnant ad spend and mediocre advertising results…

Your dropshipping business is struggling to make a profit. And your competitors are eating you alive.

To make matters worse, an over reliance on the Facebook algorithm can be costly…

Building your brand and growing your store is hard. It takes time, money and expertise.

And nowadays most ecommerce businesses struggle with low profits and poor conversions. What if you could find an easier way to make money from your store?

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What You Will Get:

(A-Z From Store Build to Ads Launch)

  • Pixel Setup and step by step ecommerce integrations
  • How to launch your Tik Tok Ads
  • How to get your Tik Tok Ads to spend(Major Issue with most advertisers) 
  • Bid Correction and Stabilization Tactics
  • How to Create the Perfect Tik Tok Advertisement  
  • Bulletproof Product Research Methods
  • How to Breakdown your Data and Become more Profitable
  • Secret Tik Tok Organic Strategies

The crazy part is this is just the start!

Ditch those high starting costs of running ads on facebook let alone the dreaded ad account bans and Shopify Closing Your Store Down

Don’t miss out on the world’s largest social media platform that is already helping hundreds of thousands of dropshippers and eCommerce store owners.

This course will show you how to get more potential customers to see your Tik Tok ads at a lower cost per click while generating extra sales and profit.

Module 1 – The Intro

  • 1.1) Welcome to Tik Tok Mastery
  • 1.2) Tik Tok DropShipping Mindset
  • 1.2) Rules Before Starting the Course

Module 2 – Master Product Research

  • 2.1) Product Research Criteria
  • 2.2) Product Choice Reviews
  • 2.3) Downloading Tik Tok Content Overview
  • 2.4) Secret Product Research Methods
  • 2.5) Narrowing Down Winners

Module 3 – Hands on Store Setup

  • 3.1) A-Z Store Setup
  • 3.2) Top AOV Increasing Apps
  • 3.3) Bullet Proof Post Purchase Funnel

Module 4 – Tik Tok Technical Setup

  • 4.1) Simple and Advanced Pixel Creation
  • 4.2) Creating Initial Ad Account
  • 4.3) Gaining Access to Other Country Targeting (Outside US)
  • 4.4) How to Acquire Account Rep
  • 4.5) Automatic vs Manual Payment Setup (Can’t change)
  • 4.6) Getting Whitelisted for Upcoming features

Module 5 – Landing Page Setup

  • 5.1) Winning Landing Page Outline
  • 5.2) Artificial Intelligence Copy Setup
  • 5.3) Branding to Sucess
  • 5.4) Split Testing Landers
  • 5.5) Adding Reviews Code to Landing Page
  • 5.6) Buyer Psychology
  • 5.7) Lowkey AOV Offers to Maximize Profits
  • 5.8) Advanced Checkout Language Hacks

Module 6 – Tik Tok Ads Launch

  • 6.1) Initializing Creative Setup
  • 6.2) Account Labeling
  • 6.3) Creative Testing
  • 6.4) Age & Demo Exclusions
  • 6.5) Choosing the Perfect Bid
  • 6.6) Ads Aren’t Spending Troubleshooting
  • 6.7) Metrics and KPI’s to Track
  • 6.8) Learning Phase Overview
  • 6.9) Column Set up

Module 7 – Tik Tok Growth

  • 7.1) Supplier Connections/Quality Control
  • 7.2) Email/SMS Set Up
  • 7.3) Optimizing Your SEO
  • 7.4) Bid testing to Scale
  • 7.5) Manual Bid vs Lowest Cost
  • 7.6) Bottom of Funnel Campaign Guide
  • 7.7) Original Content Creation

Module 8 – Tik Tok Ultimate Scale

  • 8.1) Scaling Mindset to Win
  • 8.2) Advanced Bidding to Moon Strategy
  • 8.3) Horizontal vs Vertical Scaling
  • 8.4) LookaLike Audience Creation & Targeting
  • 8.5) Country Expansion
  • 8.6) Creative Fatigue Solutions
  • 8.7) Organic Boosted Strategy

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