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These are some of the most important aspects of investing that are often forgotten. Most investors fail because they don’t know where or how to approach the markets. This is why most people tell new investors to pick stocks and then wait. Jumpin Off The Porch helps new Trappers to find the right style of investing and build a portfolio that is profitable that will help them achieve their financial goals.

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Leon Howard, a native of New Orleans, is well-known for his ability to “educate the culture about how to build wealth one shares at a time.” He has been building wealth through the stock exchange for many years. Leon Howard grew up in New Orleans and is familiar with the streets and all the dangers that can be associated with them. He learned the stock market during his 10-year sentence in prison and has been teaching others how to use it ever since. Leon’s company, From the Trap To Wallstreet, offers a variety of resources, including ebooks and courses. He also has a private members-only group that simplifies wealth creation and normalizes the generational wealth of the black community by investing in the stock markets. He teaches wealth building and investing to over 700,000.

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