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Linkedin Lead Gen Course By Shaw Preneur

How would you like to wake up every Monday with 10+ Qualified appointments booked while spending LESS than 1 hour on outreach per week?

If you’re an Agency or Freelancer and sell any services to businesses, you know how hard it can be getting prospects on the phone

I know because when I started my first business, I would cold call 100s of businesses only to hear some variation of “no thanks, not interested.”

I got rejected so many times that I almost gave up out of sheer frustration.

That was until I discovered a new way to easily get hot leads on LinkedIn.

I discovered a way to DM prospects in my niche and have them:

➡️ Highly interested in what I had to offer

➡️ Compliment me on my business

➡️ Asking me to book calls with them – not me chasing them

And I could do it while spending less than 1 hour a week on my prospecting…

and STILL book 10+ Qualified appointments per week.

These days my DMs are flooded with DOZENS of messages from key decision makers in my niche.

Here are just some of the DMs I get on a weekly basis:

I compiled everything I know about LinkedIn and turned it into an easy to implement system that anyone can use to attract hot leads and have those leads coming to them (and not the other way round).

Here’s what you’ll learn in the LinkedIn Lead Gen Course

✅ How to use LinkedIn to get clients

✅ How to get on the phone with decision makers in ANY niche.

✅ How to become the go-to authority on Linkedin for your Niche

✅ Step-by-step automation processes – so you sit back and watch the prospects come to you

Why LinkedIn?

> Immediate ROI – book calls on same day as starting

> It’s the easiest way to find decision makers.

> You build authority and become the “go-to” person in your niche.

> You have hot leads coming to you (instead of you chasing them)

> It’s cheap to start. All the software you need to implement this system costs less than $70

Here’s exactly what I’ll show you in this course:

✅ How to send Automated Messages on LinkedIn

✅ The exact Follow Up Sequences to send to get qualified leads on the phone

✅ The exact templates I use to book calls with decision makers

✅ How to set up a LinkedIn Profile in a way that maximizes conversions and positions you as the go-to expert in your niche

✅ How to set up automated email follow ups that let you book more calls while spending less time on outreach

✅ How to test your way to a higher response %

PLUS you get Free Updates and Bonus Content as more is added to the course (even when the price increases, you still get all the new content for free.)


I will give you FREE 1 on 1 help to ensure you get appointments and clients using Linkedin.

DM me on Twitter (@Shawpreneur) with proof of purchase and you will get 1 on 1 coaching from me.

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