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Dear Friend,
My name is Ryan Stewman, I’m the founder of Hardcore Closer.
We sell money-making and lead generation strategies that work. And I’d like to give the most powerful of them to you now.
Starting right here…
How much money could you earn every month, if you were able to make a minimum of $2000.00 commission for every sale you made… without leaving your kitchen table?
Heck, some folks would be happy closing just one person a month… but if you’re anything like me, you want to close as much as possible.
Especially if there’s no technical nonsense that’s needed.
Now, before we get into this, you need to take any “Inside the box” thinking and sit it next to you.
You need to take your ego, and pull it out of you. You need to pay close attention to what I’m about to reveal to you because this could be the one thing that you’ve been waiting for your entire sales career.

$25 INTO OVER $5,000,000.00!
I believe that this is the most monumental discovery of my entire entrepreneurial journey, and I’m going to share it with you, right now.
We’ve been working on this project for a long time now.
As a matter of fact, as of writing this, it’s been seven years of training, learning, doing, implementing, tracking, failures, lessons learned and everything in between all to bring you this training right now.
Listen, the premise of this is about being a funnel closer.
Now, that’s not something that you’ve probably ever heard before. You may have heard of funnels, and you may have heard of being a sales closer.
Even if you’re not familiar with the term “funnel,” I’m going to explain all of that to you in this training and I’m going to talk about how you, the sales professional, can tap into a wide open market where you’re able to make money hand over fist.

Let’s get started…
You’re here for a real reason.
Something led you to this website and made you read these words.
Maybe you’re unhappy with your current job, maybe you need to make more money because your spouse is telling you that you need to get your stuff together…
…Maybe you’re behind on the rent. Maybe you just need a way to actually make money because you’re unemployed.
Listen, you’re here because you want to earn more cash for a real reason.
Be aware and conscious of that – it’ll “wire” you for the training you’re about to discover as you scroll down this page, reading each line, word for word.
In 2008, I left federal prison for gun charges.
I left with $25 (given to me by the prison) to my name and the store across the street from the prison cost me $5 to cash that check, so I left with truthfully, only $20.
After getting out in 2008, I had a wonderful job, got married and then, ended up getting a divorce.
You know what they say, 64% of all marriages end in divorce and the thing is, it’s a tough thing to go through.
Listen, if you’re on this page because you’re facing divorce or breakup, you need to get your money right for your kids and
family… and YOURSELF.
I’ve been there.
When the pressure is on as a closer, we don’t fold.
Pressure makes diamonds, their ain’t nothing wrong with it.
I’ve been through divorce.
I’ve been addicted to drugs.
I was adopted.
I didn’t finish school… I’ve been to prison and through it all, I’m still here.
And so are you…
Now – back to funnels, I stumbled upon a way you can easily make $2,000-$9500 commissions.
How? Funnels.
A funnel is a systematic way of taking you cold prospect and converting them into a hot lead or customer.
If you go to Zillow to look up a property, it asks you for your name, email address and phone number to view a home,that’s a funnel.
If you go to a news site and there’s a pop up and it says, “Get our free report on your neighborhood, just give us yourname, your email address, and phone number and tell us where to send it,” that’s a funnel as well, but a lot of peopl don’t realize that.
They just think it’s a website asking for your name, email address and phone number.
Once it asked for your name, email address and phone number, the logical thing to do would be to sell you something.
How else would that website pay its bills?
That’s how sales funnels work.
You see, when I lost my job in 2010 I went from broke and desperate, to making millions only a few short years later in 2017.
When I lost my job in 2010, I called one of the most respected people that I know.
A guy named, Michael Reese who was a real estate agent.
He spilled the beans as to why he left the real estate business to do something called internet marketing.
Pressure makes diamonds, their ain’t nothing wrong with it.
Back then, I had no clue what internet marketing was… like zero.
I was adopted.

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