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Whether you’ve already signed up to take on a Tough Mudder or you just want to get into Tough Mudder-shape — strong, lean, and incredibly fit — you’ve come to the right place because T-MINUS 30 was designed just for you.

Tough Mudder T-MINUS 30 is a training breakthrough from four-time Tough Mudder X champion, Hunter McIntyre.

It’s 30 days designed to help you get into crazy shape; improve your strength, endurance, speed, and mobility to help you conquer Tough Mudder 5K or Tough Mudder Classic; and help you get the body to prove it.

How Does T-MINUS 30 Prepare Me for a Tough Mudder?

The primary workouts in Tough Mudder T-MINUS 30 focus on building total-body strength, cardio endurance, and functional mobility, pushing you a little further each week to help make sure you’re in peak condition after 30 days.

But what makes this program truly unique is the fact that it’s comprehensive and can be customized depending on your goal — whether you’re taking on a Tough Mudder 5K or Classic, or just doing the program to get in great shape.

Hunter is a legend in the world of obstacle course racing — and he knows exactly how to master a Tough Mudder course.

He’s taken his expertise and created specialized routines focused on getting you to the finish line.

His Run Training program helps prepare you for all the miles you’ll need to cover on the course.

While his chin-up and pull-up routines deliver the kind of upper-body and grip-strength training that can help you conquer the obstacles on the course and carve a lean, athletic physique.

You even follow a Taper Week program that outlines what to eat and how to exercise on the last week before your event, to help you maintain your gains and help you feel fresh and rested when you get to the starting line.

In addition, Hunter shares his inside tips for hydration, fuel, proper footwear, and even what clothes to bring along on the big day.

There’s also a workshop that preps you for the five key Tough Mudder obstacles — Everest 2.0, Funky Monkey – The Revolution, Block-Ness Monster, Kiss of Mud, and Berlin Walls — plus, you also get Hunter’s pro tips on how to CRUSH them.

Put it all together and you’ve got the ultimate Tough Mudder training program.

Do it for 30 days, and you can not only lose weight, look great, and be ready to hit the course running, you can be in the best shape of your life.

What Other Benefits Will I Get from T-MINUS 30?

T-MINUS 30 isn’t just the best way to train for a Tough Mudder. It’s a great way to lose weight, get in crazy shape, get killer abs, and just get ripped.

So if you love a challenge and are looking for a new training program to kick your butt, you might just find that T-MINUS 30 is your new go-to program of choice.

One thing is for sure, after 30 days of T-MINUS 30, you’ll have more confidence to take on any fitness challenge because you just might be in the best shape of your life.

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