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The definitive course on building and monetizing Chrome Extensions, created by a successful Chrome Extension developer that has earned multiple six figures from his Chrome Extensions.

I am confident that this is the best Chrome Extension course on the internet. Not only does it give you the technical chops to develop and test Chrome Extensions, but it also teaches you the business side of things too.

You’ll learn how to find and validate ideas, build, test, release, market and monetise your Chrome Extension effectively. No more guesswork!

I’ll share their tried-and-tested techniques, tips, and strategies with you, giving you insider insights that you won’t find anywhere else online.

Now it’s your turn to transform your passion for coding into a profitable Chrome Extension business within a few short months.

The course runs you through each step of my 10-step end-to-end process in bitesize, actionable lessons to take you from the research phase, through to MVP and beyond to a potential cash exit too.

What You Will Learn

  • How to Find Opportunities to build profitable chrome extensions.
  • How to Build, Debug, Test and Release Chrome Extensions.
  • How to Monetise Your Chrome Extensions.
  • How to Find Users & Scale Up your Chrome Extension’s user base.
  • How to Engineer A Successful Cash Exit when selling your Chrome Extensions.
  • All The Best Practices & Tips I Can Cram In From My Years In The Trenches.

Course Created By Rick Blyth 🌐

I have earnt over $500,000 by developing and monetising my own Chrome Extensions 💰

This has enabled me to quit my (crappy) corporate job and now I’m here to help you develop your own profitable Chrome Extensions 🚀

I have 5 years of experience developing Chrome Extensions and over 20 years commercial experience in software development. I have also written a book on Micro SaaS called the Micro SaaS Handbook 📖

I created this course because I believe that all software developers can build a profitable Chrome Extension with the right guidance. I’m excited to see what you create in the course!

Let me show you what’s covered in the course modules ….

Sale Page: https://www.cashflowingchromeextensions.com/

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