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Module 1: Step-By-Step Product Research Mastery

  • Do you want to know how to find the best, most profitable products?
  • This module contains 20 videos with over 3 hours of content on product research alone!
  • Yeah, I know, crazy.
  • I just want you to get it right!
  • Well look at the initial research, the tools you need (and dont need), and how to shortlist your best products down to the most likely to succeed!
  • But its not just products well be looking at.
  • Youll get to look over my shoulder as I give examples of niches to build an entire brand around!
  • Ill deep dive into 3 niches for you, and well do a live walkthrough showing you how to shortlist the products.
  • Forget spending months trying to find a great product, this module shows you how to do it fast and effectively.

Module 2: Working With Overseas Suppliers And Negotiating Prices

  • Now that youve found your product, youll need to make sure you dont get stung on price, quality or any of those other issues that come up when working with overseas suppliers.
  • They can spot a newbie a mile away!
  • I’ll walk you through the process of navigating Alibaba and communicating with suppliers the way 7-Figure sellers do.
  • Remeber, these are not just ideas.
  • This is an actual step-by-step process, and it is what I do every day with my current suppliers and new ones.
  • Well be going from sourcing samples right through to getting your first full shipment to FBA safe and sound.

Module 3: Freight Forwarding & Customs Duty

  • You’re all ready to ship to Amazon but how?
  • You’ve probably heard the horror stories of shipping costs being more than the product itself.
  • So how are you going to do it without taking out a second mortgage, or going broke?
  • In this module, I’ll help you understand how to get accurate shipping quotes and how to choose the best method for you.
  • Will it be by air or by sea?
  • In this module, you’ll find out whats best for you!
  • I’ll even introduce you to my freight forwarder, who allows me to mindlessly manage over 10 shipments at once without second guessing their arrival.

Module 4: Building A Product Listing That Sells

  • How will your product stand out, or be different enough?
  • Well, you’ll need a listing that lets shoppers know how incredible it really is.
  • After all, they’re browsing your competitors too, so its our job to steal their sales!
  • In this module you’ll meet the team of professionals I use for that important task.
  • You’ll meet my lifestyle photographer, who I use for every product, and my designer who I use for packaging, logos, and infographics.
  • It pays to do it right because it will help you get those 5-Star Reviews!
  • You’ll meet my Photoshop guru, who can enhance even the ugliest pictures!
  • He’s a touch up genius!
  • Finally, you’ll meet my Copywriter who writes all my listings!
  • She has doubled conversions on many, and others make over 500 profit every single day.

Module 5: Effective PPC (Amazon Sponsored Ads)

  • You’ll need to know how to do PPC without burning a hole in your budget.
  • So I’ve got one my PPC specialist to show you exactly how to do it all step-by-step.
  • You’ll learn how to structure your own campaigns, optimize and manage them so they bring in quality, converting traffic.
  • We are privileged to have him as a guest lecturer on this course.

Module 6: Launching Your Product Right Into Page 1

  • To be wildly successful at Amazon, you need your products on the front page.
  • In this module, I outline the steps I used to launch all of the 60 products in my portfolio to page 1.
  • I’ll show you which launch service I recommend, and how to use the power of Facebook Ads for subsequent product launches.
  • You’ll also learn how to find the best Keywords to target and how to track them during your launch.

Module 7: Advanced Tips, Maintaining & Scaling Your Business

  • Watch a live recording of me making 1000 in just 6 hours on a lightning deal.
  • I’ll show you the exact steps, so you can replicate the system for your own product.
  • And as for tools, the great news is you dont need them all!
  • The bad news is, there are so many to choose from its hard to know which ones are right.
  • So I’ll outline the tools I use, and why I use them.
  • We also focus on selling outside of Amazon, Dealing with Hijackers, and hiring quality VAs etc

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