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I finally did it. I sold a $75,000 website.

“I can’t get anyone to pay more than a few hundred dollars…”

“In my country, everyone is cheap and won’t pay that much…”

“They can just find someone else at a cheaper price than me…”

I hear these excuses all the time. It is WAY too easy to doubt yourself and your prices as a freelancer.

Most of the time we undervalue our work and we get underpaid and pushed around because of it.

The truth is… It’s not the client’s fault, it’s our fault.

Whether we know it or not, we are the ones that set the value of our services.

The way we speak, the pitch of our voice, the speed at which we talk, and the words we say all determine how much the client will be wiling to pay.

That’s why I made this course…

Before I was a freelancer, I worked as a door-to-door salesman. Between myself and my team, we did millions in revenue for our company.

When I left that job to become a full-time freelance web designer, I quickly found that it wasn’t the most skilled designers who made the most money, it was the most skilled salesmen.

Not the most “pushy” ones…
Not the most “salesy” ones…

But those that trained their sales muscles consistently and know how to confidently and clearly explain the benefits of their services.

When I finally found a way to mix my sales skills, with my design skills and my personality, it was like I hit the jackpot! ???

I went from selling $800 websites to selling a $75,000 website!

And the best part…

It didn’t take cheap tricks or sleazy sales tactics, all it required was me taking the time to learn the words that worked the best to influence my prospects without scaring them away.

Things like voice inflections, tone and speed, memorizing resolutions to objections, and creating sales scripts that fit my personality.

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