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About the course:

The Landing Page Mastery – Your step-by-step guide on how to create high-converting landing pages to make you a successful result-focused UX/UI Designer

The easiest way to make money as a Designer is to make money for your clients.

Once you learn to create landing pages for high conversions and your client’s success, you’ll boost your career and increase your income.

You’ll learn inside The Landing Page Mastery:

  • 3 types of Landing pages that bring money
  • 5 Layers of Marketing behind a high-converting Landing Page
  • How to do Research and write compelling headlines that grab attention
  • The 8-Step Design process of a high-converting Landing Page
  • How to develop a Landing page for free not being a developer
  • How to test your landing pages for the highest results
  • How to show value and how much to charge for your work
  • Communication with a client secrets
  • 5 best typefaces for high conversions
  • How to create a stunning Hero / Product image
  • What CTAs, colours and images to use for the landing page
  • 7-block structure of the landing page

Inside of The Landing Page Mastery

  • The KEY principles of a Landing Page Design and how to apply them for results
  • Aesthetics vs. Conversions: the Landing Page dilemma and how to solve it
  • Typography for High-Conversions: what fonts to choose for a landing page
  • Copywriting of a high-converting Landing Page for Designers
  • Cracking the Code without Coding: how to develop LPs for conversions
  • Clients, Pricing, Budgets, and Expectations — the designer’s Landing Page struggle
  • Clients: How NOT to Underdeliver or Overdeliver, Underpromise or Overpromise
  • Staying Ahead of the Curve: designing trendy Landing Pages and how to stand out
  • Desktop or Mobile Version: designing for large and small screens
  • Testing, Analytics: the art of refining Landing Page designs for the best results
  • Landing Page Marketing 101: 5 layers of marketing for your and your client’s success

From $100 for a website to $10K for a landing page

Webdesign freelancer, UX/UI Designer, Product Design Team Lead, Design Director — I have a long journey designing digital products for various industries. Still, the main principles of creating high-converting landing pages haven’t changed.

What has changed is my experience which allows me to charge $10K for a Landing page instead of $100 for a website. In this masterclass, I’ll share with you my design and marketing experience so you can achieve the same.

I’ll guide you step-by-step through the marketing and design process, sharing my knowledge and insights to help you create landing pages that drive results for YOU and your clients.

As a side effect, you’ll learn what it means to be a result-focused designer to help you achieve the best result in your career.

Sale Page: https://alexunderhess.design/landing-page-mastery#mc-prices/

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