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Maps Rainmaker is a very specific set of digital marketing services, targeted in two ways: 1) You can learn the skill to perform these services (which relate to Google and DuckDuckGo, etc.) Search Engine Optimization and Maps listings within about a month. 2) We train you on how specifically best to offer them what we also call ‘Adventure-Preneurship’. The awesome strength of this training comes from our exclusive group – 7 Million Dollar “Adventure-entrepreneur” who have collaborated with us for over 10 years now! Together they are able to provide their apprentices some incredible benefits like never before seen access into ultra-elite networks that will help catapult your business forward quickly!”


These days, it’s hard to find somebody who can competently perform digital marketing services. This is why many businesses try and do them themselves or hire an amateur that doesn’t know what they’re doing. Not only does this lead to tons of wasted time and money on the part of these companies – but also a lot more importantly, not being able to get their message across correctly with potential customers!
Greg Morrison will teach you step-by-step how he went from 1 employee at his agency all by himself working for clients (while still making millions) up until employing over 30 employees in just 4 years’ worth of work after expanding into new markets internationally; Dan Anton has been running successful small business agencies since 2002 when nobody knew anything about SEO.


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