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About the course:

YouTube Ads Course 2023 – Use this Step-by-Step Course to go from Beginner to Expert with YouTube ads. Brought to you by an agency thats spent over 9 figures on video ads.

Our flagship in-house training and secret to BIG RESULTS

Get access to the same training we use to train our own employees and media buyers. This is the same training that has allowed our team to become the #1 when it comes to YouTube ads. Described by 300+ other students as “the most technical & advanced course on Youtube Ads”

We will uncover the secrets behind YouTube ads. Using our experience of spending 9+ figures on the platform across various clients in different industries, we will teach you what it takes to see success. We teach from the ground up, so even if you haven’t run ads before, you will be able to get some insane returns for your adspend.

Getting good at Youtube Ads requires a repeatable formula.

This course sets you up with the best chance of succeeding with YouTube ads by providing you with our entire framework. Learn about how we set up accounts, structure campaigns, find ideal targeting, manage budgets and utilize our optimization strategy,

We also pull back the curtain on our proprietary creative process: The Jackpot Ads system that allows you to scientifically and methodically script, film and edit ads.

What’s Inside

MODULE 1: Fundamentals 

We start you off with the right fundamentals. This module teaches you how to make the most out of YouTube Ads and this course.

MODULE 2: Account Set Up

Without the right account structure, YouTube ads can get very tricky. This module shows you how to set up accounts for success.

MODULE 3: Conversion Tracking

Before you can run any ads you need to install proper conversion tracking. This module demonstrates how to set up tracking with the Google Tag Manager

MODULE 4: Targeting

This module teaches you how to find your ideal customers on  YouTube. And then how to get your YouTube ads shown to this group of target prospects.

MODULE 5: Creative and Scripting Ads

Learn the most effective way to script, film and edit your ads for the highest chance of finding profitable winners.

MODULE 6: Optimizing & Scaling

This module covers the active management side of  YouTube ads media buying. Learn the thought process behind our optimization strategies.

MODULE 7: Scaling Creative

This module showcases our proprietary Jackpot ads System, which is designed to help produce winning creative at scale.

MODULE 8: Advanced Scaling

After optimizing and getting your first few wins, this module teaches you how to take your campaigns to the next level.

MODULE 9: Advanced Tracking

Google Tag Manager is just the beginning when it comes to tracking. This module covers how to track your ads with Google Analytics, G4A, Hyros and other 3rd Party Trackers.

MODULE 10: Extra Module

In this module, we dive into the sub-niches for  YouTube ads. We cover,  YouTube ads for agencies, local businesses, SAAS, Ecom, Info, & Coaching & Consulting offers.

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