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The eCommerce Mentor Bootcamp:

✔ Justin As Your Shopify Mentor ($4,997)
✔ The Print On Demand Bootcamp ($1,997)
✔ The Dropship Bootcamp ($1,497)
✔ Facebook Ads For eCom Bootcamp ($1,997)
✔ Influencer Marketing Bootcamp ($1,297)
✔ ClickFunnels For eCom Bootcamp ($1,697)
✔ Wolf Mug Behind The Scenes Course ($1,997)
✔ Canvas And Wall Art Mini Course ($1,997)
✔ BONUS: 100 Done For You FB™ Ads Niche Targeting ($1,997)
✔ BONUS: 97 Done For You Email Marketing Templates ($1,997)
✔ BONUS: 600 Done For You Print on Demand Designs ($2,997)

The Bootcamp Mentor Program is NOT just another Shopify Course! You’re getting ALL of my eCommerce Training Programs AND me as your Shopify Mentor.


BONUS #1: Get 100 videos showing you the exact, step by step Facebook™ Ad Targeting for 100 of the most popular eCommerce niches! You’ll be able to confidently sell any product in any niche with the exact ad targeting I’ll show you in these 100 bonus videos!

BONUS #2: Get 97 email marketing templates to use with your store. Quickly and easily generate more sales for your store with my 97 Done For You Shopify Email Templates. You can literally copy and paste these emails and profit!

BONUS #3: Get 600 print on demand design files when you join the Bootcamp! You get the original design file and the print ready file so you can either make edits or immediately publish the product in your store. This is over 2 years worth of product launches!

Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

Direct Access To Justin As Your Shopify Mentor

– Justin personally answers every single question from his Bootcamp Students
– Mentoring and attention from Justin is why this program is so successful
– Get access to the Bootcamp Mentor Group where you can ask unlimited questions
– See what others are struggling with, join in great conversations, and network with others

The Print On Demand Bootcamp

– World class training on mastering Print on Demand for Shopify
– Access to Justin’s network of amazingly talented t-shirt designers
– Step by step training from beginner all the way to advanced
– In-depth Facebook™ Ads and Scaling Training

The Dropship Bootcamp

– Learn everything you need to master Shopify Dropshipping
– Amazing training videos on strategies that are proven to work
– Includes both AliExpress and non-AliExpress product sourcing
– Full step by step training for dropshipping automation

Facebook Ads For eCom Bootcamp

– Master the world’s most powerful advertising medium for eCommerce
– The biggest of all the sections in the mentor program (and most important)
– Split into two sections with 40+ videos; beginner and advanced
– Covers everything from testing, setup, budgets, scaling, retargeting, lookalikes, and way more!

ClickFunnels Bootcamp

– Understand how to best utilize Funnels in your Ecom Business
– Become a master at ClickFunnels for Ecommerce
– Get my exact 7-figure “2 Comma Club” ClickFunnels Template
– Learn how using funnels can increase customer value tremendously

Influencer Marketing Bootcamp

– Learn how to use Instagram Influencers to explode your sales
– Step By Step process for finding and working with Influencers
– Instagram marketing and paid ads best practices and training
– Copy and paste done for you Influencer Outreach Templates

Wolf Mug Behind The Scenes Course

– Watch me build the world famous Wolf Mug Store behind the scenes
– Includes every step from the beginning, including Day 1 of the store
– You’ll see exactly how the Wolf Mug turned into a massive winner
– Detailed videos on scaling, product research, understanding ads, and more

Product Pricing & Profit Calculator

– Custom Excel spreadsheet to help you calculate profit
– Plug in your numbers and desired profit
– Allows you to easily understand your results
– “If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business.”

Selling Canvas And Wall Art Mini Course

– Learn how to make 100% margin with these hot products
– Print on Demand so there’s never any inventory
– $100-200+ profit margins, works with every niche
– Covers everything you need to know to master selling canvas

BONUS: 100 Done For You FB™ Ads Targeting

– 100 of the most popular niches done for you
– Niches include dogs, fitness, and everything popular
– Watch the videos and use the exact targeting in your ads
– 100% done for you targeting

BONUS: 97 Done For You Email Templates

– 97 email templates that you can copy and paste
– Works with any type of store or niche
– Compatible with all email platforms
– 100% done for you

BONUS: 600 Print on Demand Designs

– 600 Ready to publish print on demand designs
– High quality, original designs in popular niches
– Over 2 years worth of product launches ready to go
– Original editable files provided so you can make edits

4 Crucial Reasons The eCommerce Bootcamp Is The Easiest Way To Always Turn A Profit From Shopify™:


Hours of Updated Video Training

Hours upon hours of in-depth coaching videos walking you through every facet of the Shopify business. I cover everything including Shopify, Print on Demand, Facebook™ Advertising, Scaling, Product Research, and way more.

Get Justin Cener – eCommerce Bootcamp Mentor Program 2019 download


Justin As Your eCom Mentor

It’s more than just a course! You get me as your eCom mentor. You’ll get coaching and support in the private member’s only group where I answer EVERY SINGLE QUESTION that gets posted. I personally take the time to answer each and every one that you post.


Access To World Class Print on Demand Designers

Finding a good designer is not only time consuming… it’s expensive. All of my bootcamp members get access to my designers. Not only do you get access, but they’ve agreed to some crazy low prices since I can get them so much work.


Tools, Templates, And So Much More

Literally copy and paste my ad copy, product descriptions, ad templates, email copy, email templates, etc. I’ve made them all available for you inside of the bootcamp member’s area. My robust Scaling Rules & Strategies are also included

Joining The Bootcamp Mentor Program Will Change Your Life… I Made Sure You Have EVERYTHING You Need To Succeed

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Joining The Bootcamp Mentor Program Will Change Your Life… I Made Sure You Have EVERYTHING You Need To Succeed

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