[Download] Bailey – Digitally Purposed-How to Build a Digital Product Business on Etsy (2023)

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About the course:

Are you ready to start your digital product business on Etsy without worrying about marketing, complicated tech software, or digital design experience?

If so, you’re totally in the right place!

Create your own profitable digital product business!

Does this sound like you?

You know you want to create your own digital product business, but are experiencing “tech overwhelm”.

You think that the Etsy platform is oversaturated and way too competitive for you to stand out as a new shop.

You believe you need digital design experience to create products.

You have no marketing experience and are scared you won’t be able to attract customers.

Digitally Purposed

Here’s what you’ll learn inside Digitally Purposed

Researching Profitable Products and Defining Your Niche & Audience:

Conduct effective product research to identify profitable opportunities and define your target audience, ensuring your digital products have the best chance of success.

Successful Shop Setup:

Set up your digital product shop for success right from the start. Cover everything from your shop banner, name, announcement section, bio, and more to create a compelling storefront.

Create Your Products:

Explore the easiest ways to craft visually appealing digital products, even without prior design experience. Discover the added benefit of using AI to enhance your productivity and output.

Listing Perfection:

Master the art of creating optimized titles, tags, and descriptions, while strategically pricing your products for maximum profitability.


Learn the precise steps to secure your first sales quickly, setting up your store and listings for repeat business from satisfied customers.

Automate Your Traffic:

Unlock the magic of maintaining consistent traffic and sales. Understand how to create an automated Etsy ‘eco-system’ that shields you from concerns about competition and copycats.

Leverage your built-in audience to ensure sustained success.

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