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Youtubeprenuer By Hayley Paige. The definitive to Growing Your Audience and Income with YouTube

About this course

If you’re looking to leverage your YouTube channel to help you create the dream life you deserve, then YouTubepreneur is for you. Learn the strategies, techniques, and mindset needed to be successful on YouTube without spending YEARS making content.

Is it to late to be a youtuber?

No! But it’s not easy to make it.

YouTube has changed a lot over the years. You used to be able to just post videos consistently, put on a smile, and your videos would be discovered eventually.

Or if you were the first in a niche, you had the opportunity to get exposure before everyone else.

Sadly, it isn’t like that anymore.

It doesn’t really work like it used to, unless you somehow get picked up on a huge site, news outlet, or one of your videos luckily goes viral right from the start.

But leaving things up to chance isn’t how you’d run a business and it isn’t how you should run your YouTube channel.

And on top of that, if you want to be able to make an income on views and subscribers alone, the amount you would need to make any kind of substantial amount is MASSIVE.

Even if your videos are getting thousands of views, the ad revenue check at the end of the month might not even be able to help with groceries.

Now it is possible to grow your channel to a huge scale to make enough money from ads to provide for your family, but it’s difficult.

Luckily, there’s an easier, faster, and more reliable way to make a full-time income from YouTube. And you don’t need a ton of views or subscribers to do it.

Have you ever seen super successful youtubers and thought, “how did they get there?”

If you’re trying to make a living with YouTube, it can be really disheartening to post a video & share it with all of your friends only for it to get a few views and not make a dime from all your hard work.

And it can be even more frustrating to see other YouTubers with what seems like these huge channels with millions of views, subscribers, living the dream life that you want but can’t seem to reach.

You start to wonder to yourself, “Is it me? Do people just not like me or the videos I make? Do I even have what it takes to go full-time on YouTube and quit my job or support my family?” That’s not even close to the truth! You just haven’t been taught what it really takes to be successful.

Hayley created this course to give you the complete system she used to grow her channel

Her YouTube channel wasn’t always the successful business like it is today. She had crazy ups and downs, and a long stretch of time before I made any real money.

So she know what it feels like to think “my channel isn’t growing, maybe this just isn’t for me”.

When she started her channel, she was still in college, really unsure of what the world had in store for me.

When Hayley graduated college, she was in debt and working a 9-5 job to get paid next to nothing, spending all her time behind a desk just begging for the weekend to come.

With no money, no hope her job would get any better, she tried uploading more and more to YouTube, but her channel just wasn’t going the way she wanted to, it wasn’t making her any money like these other YouTubers she saw.

So she KNOWs how you feel. she get you.

And that’s how she decided to think a little different…

She changed her mindset around what it would take to really grow her channel and making a living with YouTube.

She started treating it like a business, putting strategies in place, & and thinking outside the “YouTuber” box.

After just one year, she was able to pay off over $40,000 of debt and quit her 9-5 job. Then another year after that, her husband was able to quit HIS 9-5 job, and she was able to fully support her entire family with the money she was making from my channel.  And now she’s here, ready to share her system with you, to help you do the same.

Your Instructor

Hayley Paige
Hi friends! My name is Hayley Johnson and I am OBSESSED with teaching up and coming Youtubers how grow their followings and their income with online video.

How did this become my life?

The year 2015 started off great. I was a bright eyed, bushy tailed new graduate ready to take on the world. Applying for full time jobs for the first time felt like a dream come true, only to work at one for 6 months and quickly realize this life isn’t for me. My work didn’t fuel my passions, I felt stuck at an underpaid entry-level job, and the ceiling on my income was basically touching the earth’s core.

I was trapped in the rat race many 9-5ers experience and I was miserable.

I had been blogging on the side for a year and was desperate to scale it to escape the ground hog day that was my life, so I started a Youtube channel to reach more people.

And to my surprise, Youtube totally took over my life.

I realized the power it held to capture and hold an audience and I felt compelled to share everything. From my wedding and honeymoon to the births of my children to moving across the country, my audience is like a group of close friends.

Since then, I’ve had the compelling desire to teach others what I’ve learned through trial and error so they can live the life of freedom I have everyday.

Within two years of working on my channel and blog full time, I’ve earned the coveted six figures all the way up to $300k annually. And it’s only growing from there.

Insane, right?

All because I flipped the camera on…and never stopped.

Sales Page: https://discover.teachable.com/course/youtubeprenuer

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