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Gusten Sun – The Funnel Conversion Bundle Download

From The Desk of: Gusten Sun
To: Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Subject: “Websites don’t make you any money!”

We all know that Sales Funnels are the key to converting ‘clicks’ into cashflow, right?

I think that’s getting more clear and clear, specially in the ‘digital marketing’ space.


What I’ve noticed after building over 200 sales funnels for online business owners is that nobody has time to build sales funnels from scratch.

Let’s be honest. I have kids. My daughter wants to use my iMac to watch Peppa pig when all I wanna do is build funnels.
Now I don’t know about you, but I’m not a really techy person, I don’t know how to use Photoshop and I certainly don’t know how to code a website.

Plus when was the last time you went to a website, scrolled through the 147 tabs in their menu and said “HA, there it is. Exactly what I needed”

It doesn’t happen. Websites are more like brochures, can look nice but not really make you any money. Kinda like most protein bars. They taste good, but you know regular chocolate is probably healthier than that thing.

So how do you build wildly profitable sales funnels if you don’t have a lot of time or you’re not sure where to start?

It’s great question, and after working with so many entrepreneurs all the way from aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make their first dollar online to 8 figure entrepreneurs wanting to improve conversions on their current ones, I’ve finally cracked the code.



Underpaid Entrepreneurs – first thing I started noticing was the overwhelming amount of hard working entrepreneurs NOT making the income they wanted (and why that was the case).
​Customer-Blocking Websites ​- how a lot of their websites (even though looking somewhat pretty) wasn’t successfully converting strangers into paying customers.
Confusing Message – even though the design a lot of times sucked (no offense) the biggest problem was the ‘structure’ of the funnels. We fixed all of these problems and started converting visitors into cashflow consistently. Grab our templates TODAY and copy us!

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