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DocuSeries with Practices by Super Human – The extremes of human potential, translated. An illuminating docuseries to discover what our species is truly capable of.

Join us and your path will include

Each step brings a new perception of humankind’s capabilities.

I. The Docuseries: The Searching for DocuSeries with Practices

Five core episodes that will take you on a journey around the world to meet some of the world’s most remarkable superhumans.

II. Bonus Footage: Extra interviews, practices and uncut scenes

Go even deeper into four raw and uncut Searching for Superhumans episodes that share even more insight, and learn more from a group of the world’s leading experts.

DocuSeries with Practices

Episode one The Inner Potential of Energy

Meet some remarkable superhumans who have mastered psychic and telekinesis abilities. All of these humans use self-awareness to tap into extraordinary ability and know where the mind goes, energy flows.

  • A broader sense of the personal and transpersonal processes that can activate superhuman potential.
  • Practices to realize the potential of the charged cells already in your body – which, together, are the charge of a bolt of lightning.
  • How fire burns away old energy to make room for new energy and inner light.

Episode two The Power of the Mind

Meet some remarkable superhumans who have mastered psychic and telekinesis abilities. All of these humans use self-awareness to tap into extraordinary ability and know where the mind goes, energy flows.

  • How to pay attention to the silence in your mind that already exists, by finding space between thoughts – and each breathe.
  • Cultivate a flexible and non-resistant mind through an exercise that helps you to start to see with your eyes closed.
  • Tools to make “mind over matter” real. How quieting the mind and non-resistance create the conditions to dislocate the mind from within the body to another vantage point, shifting the flow of energy in a way that shifts reality.

Episode three Cleansing Past Conditioning

Experience a karmic cleansing ritual where old patterns and beliefs release old patterns, as well as a secret practice of SkyGate in Tibetan Buddhism tapping into a vision for humanity.

  • How to do a self karma cleansing without a master, bringing in sound vibration to harmonize your energy field.
  • The possibility we all have to tap into our true source, so we can travel the road of life with lightness and levity – as a liberated spirit.
  • How to connect to life’s deeper mysteries as they flow through you to raise your vibration to become an agent for positive change – and bring your consciousness into realities.

Episode four The Energy of Combat, and Healing

This episode is about energy and vibration – using it both for martial arts and healing arts and focuses on Bing, a master of martial arts, and Ming, a master of healing arts.

  • Meet Bing, and discover how in martial arts subtle energy works in waves and can be stronger than direct force.
  • Experience vibratory healing from Ming through mantras and also a guided attunement meditation.
  • An exploration of the roles of placebo and perception in a healing journey.

Episode five Feeling Frequencies

Arial shares his hopes that the channeling of positive energy can bring a renewed hope for the world, and Lee interrupts the more esoteric dialogue among the superhumans by bringing it all back to how we use our minds – our most powerful tool. “By shifting our intentions, we can shift the world and make it truly a better place.”

  • The possibility that moving inanimate objects through mind power is a real capability, both as an individual and within a group.
  • The incredible powers we possess when we tap into subtle energies with intense concentration.
  • How our solidity, as humans, is an illusion – rather, our beingness is occupied by space and vibration.

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