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Complete and Easy To Follow FB Marketing Training

When you become a 7FA Student you will join other entrepreneurs on the same journey as you, plus real coaches that actually use FB Ads. This means you can be on any skill level and have this work for you.

100% ‘New Comer’ Friendly

Even if you have never used FB Ads before we will have you up and running with a profitable business plan in less than 30 days from joining the Academy.

Latest Updated Information

Once you learn the basics you are going to want to take it to the next level and that is exactly what we are here to do. Most FB advertisers only focus on 1 method. We have an arsenal of methods.

Live Interactive Workshops

3 times every month we hold a live training workshop where we bring in guests and coaches (who make well over $15,000 per month) to help you answer any questions you have.

Quick Start Up Guides

We are constantly adding more and more content to ensure you are up to date with the latest trends and you have a head start over all your competition.

Fantastic Community

7FA is built around our community and the members we have inside. Ensuring that you always have any questions answered and that you can be in front of any coach as you need them!

On The Cutting Edge

You used to fight an uphill battle with yourself trying to figure out how to make FB ads work for you. Let us do the heavy lifting for you and let us make the mistakes. Updates + Support when you need.

What Is 7 Figure Academy All About?

7 Figure Academy is a comprehensive FB Ads education and community with some of the brightest minds in todays market.

What am I getting exactly?

Complete FB ads training videos

When you enroll you are going to get instant access to our comprehensive FB ads training videos that we update every single month.

You will get them for life as long as you stay enrolled.

Incredible community and live workshops

We leave none of your questions unanswered. 4 times every single month we hold a live training workshop where you can come and attend where we critique your ads, sales process, website, or anything you have questions about.

Access To 7 Figure Academy

  • Over 50+ hours of Step by Step Video Tutorials To Help Everyone on ALL Skill Levels go from NOTHING to 6 figures!
  • Live workshops to ensure you NEVER fall behind and are always up to date with whats workign now.
  • Exclusive And Private Community for 7 Figure Academy Members that YOU will have full access to!
  • Instant Student feedback system – have questions? Your peers and the coaches will answer EVERYTHING for you!
  • Dan Dasilva’s Personal Phone # and Whatsapp – want to get UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL? Now you can!

6 Figure Team Builder

  • Over $30,000 paid for a PRIVATE millionaire mastermind for 15 people only
  • You will receive EVERYTHING Dan Dasilva learned on how to create a team that runs on autopilot
  • Allowing you to become FINANCIALLY FREE and save you THOUSANDS of hours
  • Finally spend time with your family that you’ve never thought you could
  • All while your TEAM runs your entire business while you sit back and ENJOY life!

Done For You Products

  • 1 Product EVERY SINGLE DAY Delivered to your inbox
  • Not sure if products will convert? No worries, we’ve EXTENSIVELY tested them FOR YOU.
  • Al the trial and error is on us! Never worry about if a product will make you money.
  • If you don’t like the product, DONT WORRY – wait for the next day and receive the next
  • This will help you BEAT OUT your entire competition with a CONSISTENT flow of products

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