[Download] Create Professional eCommerce Website with WordPress (2021)

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Create Professional eCommerce Website with WordPress Download

What you’ll learn
  • Create Professional eCommerce Website with easy and fun
  • Learn build Website with WordPress

  • Learn build eCommerce System with WooCommerce

  • Learn Easy to Build Homepage with Elementor
  • Save money with own eCommerce website instead of being paid member likes Shopify
  • Computer (PC or Laptop)
  • Internet Connection

You can save a lot of money since have your own eCommerce website instead of being paid member of some website provider likes Shopify.

Save more than $3000/year with your own website rather than with monthly or annual membership.

You can list your eCommerce website on web marketplace likes Shopify, sell it, and grab money from there !

Hi, welcome to this Course… Making an eCommerce Website with WordPress.

On the first lecture we are going to learn how to select your hosting plan and domain name

The next lecture is how to install WordPress, WP Theme, Permalink Structures and some WP Plugin that are powerfull to support the website.

After that I will show you how to create some Pages, Install Woocommerce, and Setup the Woocommerce

And the next is you will learn how to post Content, Create Single Product, and Variable product. im gonna show you what is the different between single and variable products by upload 1 sample product each.

The next is the part of how to design the homepage that I split in 6 sections, so you will learn step by step on each sections using Elementor as the page builder.

And the next you will learn how to create sidebar, topbar, and footer as well as your social media so can notify your follower & friends about your ecommerce website.

And at the last you gonna learn how to create coupon code as one of the best marketing strategy on ecommerce business For example you can give Product Discount or Free Shipping services to you potensial customers And you also will learn how to create the Mega Menu that will more looks elegant rather than Standard Menu.

After you complete all of this course, you will have skill of how to create a professional ecommerce website wih wordpress and ready to launch your ecommerce website

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner or never create a website before
  • Online entrepreneur enthusiast
  • Online marketer

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