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Unlock the true potential of your editing workflow with the Luminar NEO Masterclass! Dive deep into the world of Luminar NEO with our comprehensive course, featuring 75 lessons packed with over 6+ hours of high-quality 4K training videos.

Introducing the Luminar NEO Masterclass, an exceptional online course designed to help you master Luminar NEO at your own pace. Created by the talented Jakub Bors, renowned for his highly successful YouTube channel dedicated to Luminar NEO, this comprehensive training offers a project-based approach that empowers you to follow along with Jakub step by step.

One of the unique features of this masterclass is the inclusion of all the files Jakub uses in his demonstrations. From RAW files to presets, overlays, LUTs, and skies, you’ll have access to the exact resources Jakub utilizes in real time. This means you can reproduce his editing techniques and witness the transformation of your own images as you follow along with his guidance.

As a bonus, the Masterclass includes exclusive mini-courses on the HDR Merge, Panorama Stitching and Noiseless AI extensions, unlocking even more editing possibilities. Plus, you’ll gain access to the top-rated “All Sliders Explained” video series, diving deep into every slider in Luminar NEO.

Learn at your own pace, revisit lessons anytime, and benefit from Jakub’s engaging teaching style, insider tips, and practical examples. Enroll now to gain exclusive access to Jakub’s expertise and unleash the full power of Luminar NEO. Elevate your editing skills, develop your unique style, and create extraordinary images that capture the beauty of the world.

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