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How to Find an Audience and a Topic

Many coaches make the error of choosing the wrong type of audience or topic.

It results in disappointing results and very few people turning up. This is not what I want.

Instead, you will learn how to choose a hungry audience who will become raving fans at your virtual events.

Learn how to select a topic that will get your audience excited about your virtual event.

After many years of hosting live and virtual events, this is what we have mastered.

Why reinvent the wheel when you can just copy our successes?



How to choose the name of your hot event

When it comes to attracting people to your virtual event, the event name is crucial.

It must appear to leap off the webpage or website and make people say “I want to go to that event!”

My secret formula for naming events that attract the right audience will be revealed to you.

Hot titles will even be workshopped LIVE with attendees during the event (maybe you’re one of them?

You can now relax and not have to guess if the name of your virtual event will be hot enough.

Receive my expert advice LIVE to help you move forward with confidence and a hot title in hand.



How to Fill Your Event

It’s one thing having a great title for your event. It’s quite another to get people to sign up for your event.

Here are 7 ways you can fill your virtual event’s audience with your passionate target audience.

We’ll also be covering how to get others to market and sell your event.

This is my “secret sauce” to fill events. However, not many people know how to do this crucial step.

You’ll be able to fill your event with confidence by signing up for Client-Getting Virtual Events.

This means that there is no need to guess or try to figure out how to convince people to sign up to your event.

Follow our guideline that has led to thousands of rave fans attending our event and you’ll be all set!



How to Lead a Great Event

Many coaches are confused about what they should teach at a virtual event.

They are afraid that they will teach too much or too little at their event.

They are also afraid they will teach all they know, and no one will hire or join their Mastermind programs.

How to break down your event into high-value segments, so you can know exactly what to teach.

You’ll also learn how to organize an event so that everyone has the best experience.

I will also share our findings that will help keep attendees engaged and the energy high.



How to use your event to fill high-end masterminds and other programs

This is how virtual events make big money!

How to make your virtual event a success with high-end offers

This is how I will show you how to set the price and deliverables so that your attendees are enthralled by the offers.

You can even see me live demonstrating how to pitch high-end offers during a virtual event.

This will allow you to fill in any gaps in your program with virtual events.

This session will leave you feeling confident that your virtual events can bring in high-end offers.

…alongside which offers you are going to make so that you can grow your coaching company.



You can create an unstoppable mindset

It’s understandable that putting on a virtual event can seem intimidating or scary.

Your virtual event will have many attendees, and they are counting on you to deliver.

Good news! I will reveal how to identify fears, doubts and limiting beliefs that can hinder you from creating or launching your event.

You’ll feel confident that you can host your own event by the time you finish Client-Getting Virtual Events.

Because I will help you overcome any obstacles that prevent you from growing your business via virtual events.

You’ll be able to host multiple virtual events once you have completed this section.

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