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From The Global Hot Tub Desk of: CMQ & Andrew Tate

Fellow Future G:

CMQ and Andrew Tate here.

The era of Soyboys is upon us and what defines men today is quite clearly labeled in two camps:

Savages and Cucks.

Which are you?

You’ve heard the term ‘G’ on Twitter and Instagram often…No doubt you know what it means…But do you know HOW to live the life of your dreams and most importantly on YOUR terms?
Living life on YOUR terms is the most important  and ONLY way to live.

If a man makes $2 million per year, but is a slave to a PC company, a cunty wife and bratty kids, can he be a G?


If a man makes $1 million per year, answers to essentially no one, has a harem of women who all love him and does whatever he wants, when he wants, is he a G?


There is a divide that is ripping men a part and very few men are on the right side.

While nations fill with cucks and masculine women, a few men are doing something DIFFERENT, creating powerful relationships with non-cucked countries and living life on their terms…

You’ve seen the difference…probably at your 9-5…

‘Men’ walk around heads bowed, shoulders stooped, afraid to make eye contact with women while living a life of quiet desperation.

And you’ve most definitely seen it out and about wherever you live…

Just wander into your local Starfucks and look at the soyboys sippin’ on frothy crappucinos full of soy…

Is that the type of ‘man’ you want to be?

A man who is brow beat by the politically ‘correct’ culture?

A man who is told that he must skip avacodo toast for 43.5 years so he can maybe have 1 million bucks in his bank account at the ripe age of 64 when his dick no longer works and his will to live is barely alive?

This is REALITY.

This is how MOST ‘men’ are living…

It’s pathetic.

It’s sad.

BUT it’s not the only way…

Despite what mainstream media, your teachers, your boss and maybe even what your parents have told you.

There are a FEW men in the world who have CREATED their lifestyles and Andrew and I are leading the way.

If you’re any of the following, then we have something special for you that can transform your life, but only if you implement it…

 You’re frustrated with a lack of mentors to SHOW you exactly what to do to break free from the status quo
 You’re annoyed with dating average or even sub-average girls who are snarky, rude and act like they’re doing you a favor by spending time with you
 You’re upset because you KNOW you’re not living up to your potential and simply need a blueprint to help you escape the forest of mediocrity surrounding you
 You’re doing good, but not GREAT, but you’ve hit a ceiling and don’t know how to break through it to fulfill your TRUE potential and become the man you know you can be
 You’re pissed because after buying tons of courses from PUA’s who taught you how to fake seizures on a sidewalk to get a girl’s attention you discovered that you only felt like an idiot and it didn’t work
 You’re fed up with ‘tips, secrets and tricks’ to get women and want a CONGRUENT, HONEST and STRAIGHTFORWARD way to attract beautiful women into your life who like you for who you have built yourself into
 Your heart races at the idea of interacting with powerful and rich businessmen and you need a concrete method to overcoming this anxiety so you can dominate in social settings and make BIG deals happen fast
 You feel trapped at your job and need a real plan to build wealth and not some bullshit “get rich quick system” that will just leave you angry and confused
 You want a true harem of women who ALL love and are loyal to YOU
 You want to find ONE woman to become your wife, but you don’t know how to FIND even one who is worthy of this title
 You’re afraid of sinking into the sinkhole of Cuckland and losing any masculinity you may still have
 You want a POWERFUL global network of businessmen and world-leaders, but have no idea on HOW to accomplish that…

You don’t get invited by world-leaders to have meetings unless you know what the fuck you’re talking about…
Andrew Tate and Donald Trump Jr at Trump Tower in New York City.
You don’t pull beautiful women world-wide unless you know what the fuck you’re talking about…
Andrew Tate chilling on a yacht last week in Marbella on a casual lazy afternoon…
You don’t run the most famous cities in the world like NYC, Los Angeles, Vegas and Miami, without powerful Charisma and world-class Social Skills that are second to NONE…
Christian McQueen in NYC owning the room…as usual.
You don’t have more fun than the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan combined on a weekly basis, unless you know what the fuck you’re talking about…
CMQ with a beautiful girl after a long night partying. Yes, Goldmund’s apartment is messy AF.
Most ‘Men’ On The Internet Talk About Living The Life…
We Simply Live It. There Is No One More Authentic
Or Real On The Internet Than Us. Period.
You now have a choice…

You can resign yourself to a basic lifestyle, one where you’re not living up to your potential…

One where you’re dating an average, or even sub average GIRL…

One where every Monday morning you wake up and are pissed as fuck to go into work…

One where you feel the disrespect daily by your peers and boss…

One where you go out and watch the G’s with beautiful women and seethe inside because you don’t know HOW to get women like that…


You can choose LIFE.

A life worth living…

A happy life…

A FREE life…

A rewarding life…

The G Life.
Get immediately download Christian McQueen (CMQ) and Andrew “King Cobra Tate” – How to Be a G Sales Video

If you’re making the SMART and only LOGICAL decision, then keep reading, as here’s what Andrew and I have put together for you…
What You Will Learn In This Exclusive Video Course:
Creating The G
Lesson 1. The G Mindset
If you don’t have your mind right, you may never achieve the success you could have with Money and Women. In this lesson we share the fundamentals behind developing a rock solid mindset that gets you Laid and Paid…
Lesson 2. Body Language of a G
Walking around like a wet noodle defeated ass cuck guarantees one thing: complete disrespect from women AND men. Luckily for you, we show you exactly how to carry yourself…
Lesson 3. The Voice That Makes The P*ssy Wet
Speaking like a weak cuck will also get you massive disrespect, people won’t take you serious and women will be repelled. In this video we show you how to speak with authority and get women wet with just your voice…
Lesson 4. Dressing Like a G
Face it: people judge you within 30 seconds or less based on how you DRESS. If you look like an idiot people will treat you like one. Inside this lesson we show you how we developed our own unique style and how you can too…
Getting The Wealth
Lesson 5. How To Get Rich (for real)
We get it and have been there before…broke, frustrated and annoyed we couldn’t seem to make money. Inside this powerful lesson we share the fundamentals behind building real wealth and the ‘easiest’ way to do it…
Lesson 6. How To Get Rich (for real)
Part 2
Overcoming the mental blocks that are holding you back from getting rich is key to your success and in this video we share what held us back for years and how we overcame it to be successful…
Lesson 7. How To Get Rich (for real)
Part 3
Ignore your Uncle Joe, who is broke and miserable. You’re not going to save your way to wealth and if you want to be a millionaire at 60, then click off this page. We’ll show you how we got there relatively fast and you can use our stories to help yourself build wealth too…
Lesson 8. How To Get Rich (for real)
Part 4
A dream without a plan is useless. In this lesson we offer you steps you should take right now to build wealth. If you implement these and take action you’ll have a firm foundation to break free from a wage slave job and become truly free…
Getting The Women
Lesson 9. How To Get HOT Girls (Part 1)
If you want average women, then skip this lesson. This lesson is all about how to NATURALLY attract super hot women, without using fancy ‘tricks’ and ‘secrets’ to get them. This is what the Naturals know and now you will too. Warning: do not watch if you don’t want hot women hitting on YOU…
Lesson 10. How To Get HOT Girls (Part 2)
In this lesson we deep-dive into advanced methods for approaching and flirting with women. Forget bullshit cheesy pickup lines and weird outdated ‘negs’ that girls see from a mile away. Instead this is using your new and AUTHENTIC you to approach women with confidence, charisma and charm; like a G…
Lesson 11. How To KEEP Hot Girls
(Part 1)
Any average shmuck can get a hot girl for ONE night, but KEEPING her is an entirely different ballgame. No one on earth is better at this than CMQ and Andrew ‘Cobra’ Tate; guaranteed. In this lesson we teach you HOW to get hot women addicted to you, for life…
Lesson 12. How To KEEP Hot Girls
(Part 2)
Continuing on in this topic we share the ultimate way to keep hot women interested and attracted to you. You’ve never heard anything like this, because most garbage pumped out by the Game world is full of useless manipulation tools. This is tried and true, authentic and easy to maintain. Forget the ‘tricks’; get these things right we’re teaching you and you’ll be good whether you want a harem or a wife.
Getting The G Lifestyle
Lesson 13. How To Connect With Powerful & Influential People
Throw away your VistaPrint bullshit business cards. The Powerful and Influential people who literally run the world don’t want them. We’ll teach you how we are connected to world leaders ranging from presidents to ambassadors and you can use our methods to create your own GLOBAL network to help you live a better life and make more money.
Lesson 14. The Global G Life
Feeling stuck in your current country? Inside this lesson we share Global G tips on how to LEGALLY get multiple passports and citizenships giving you a true playboy lifestyle with maximum freedom. If you’re serious about never being stuck, this is required viewing.
Lesson 15. How To Travel Like A G
From dealing with annoying problems that can arise when traveling, to getting hot girls in a new country, we’re pulling back the curtain on how we travel world-wide from Iraq to France, from NYC to Dubai, with style, ease and comfort without the stress average people feel when they visit Disney World once a year for a pathetic ‘vacation’.
Lesson 16. Your New Life As A G
The end of this powerful and never seen before golden information course is just the beginning for you. We share our final thoughts, some advanced methods for living as a G we’re not listing here for privacy sake and much more. We also give you a blueprint for starting your new life as a G, so you implement it and don’t stay a cuck.
And That’s Not All…Because We’re Not Greedy F*cks,
We’re Also Giving You 4 Bonuses For FREE…
BONUS #1. The Player’s Phone Filing System with Tristan Tate

Value: $497.00
Tristan Tate, super player and brother of Andrew Tate, has developed a GENIUS phone filing system he uses to keep his women organized in his cell phone, despite the fact he has multiple women at beck and call WORLD-WIDE. This is truly ground-breaking and now you can use this simple, but powerful system to NEVER forget a girl’s number you get, or a ONS you hook up with. Implement this and thank us later.
BONUS #2. How To Grow Your Instagram with Andrew Tate
Get immediately download Christian McQueen (CMQ) and Andrew “King Cobra Tate” – How to Be a G Sales Video

Value: $297.00
There’s a way to showcase your new G lifestyle on Instagram, the popular social media app, in a way that helps you get MORE women and BETTER business contacts. Inside this video Andrew shares his method for growing your Instagram into your own funnel for hot women and more cash.
BONUS #3. How To Connect With Millionaires & Billionaires with CMQ

Value: $297.00
Odds are you might not be able to scroll through your cell phone right now and have multiple Millionaires and even Billionaires you can call or text at a moment’s notice. Whether you’re seeking a mentor, or trying to raise money for a startup, your network is your networth. Inside this video, CMQ shares his methods for getting dialed in with REAL money people.
BONUS #4. The G’s Best Places In The World To Meet Hot Women

Value: $297.00
In this multi-page PDF, Andrew and CMQ share their Inside Cities and even countries (some you may have never heard of) on where the HOTTEST women are. This invaluable resource will save you time and money, so instead of dicking around in bullshit cities frustrated you can’t meet hot women, you’ll be with the Elite, us and be having the time of your life. WARNING: all information is confidential and you must keep the info to yourself.
Total Value of Bonuses:

Yours, For FREE.
Because We’re Confident G’s
and Not Scared Cucks…
We’re giving you 30 full days to watch the videos and see if it’s for you. We know our content is the best in the world, period and we could just sell this without even offering a refund policy and would still sell it out fast, but we’re chill.

Here’s the simple truth: if you watch all the videos and cuck out, that’s on you and your life; not ours, so we’re giving you 30 full days to do as you like. If you’re not happy, email us at [email protected] within 30 days of you receiving access to the course (July 16th, 2018) and we’ll promptly refund your money with no strings attached. Simple, easy, and very fair.
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