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1. Billy Gene’s GENEIUS Workbook: A play by play guide of exactly what you need to do to create an ad that works and gets customers.

  • Not sure what to sell? Don’t worry, we have a worksheet that will help you decide which one of your products or services is the easiest to sell online.
  • Have no idea who to show your ads to? We got you covered! We have a worksheet that will show you step-by-step how to find your ideal customer.
  • Confused on what type of advertisement to create? Relax! We have a worksheet that will help you decide what type of ad works best for your business (image, video, messenger, etc).
  • Clueless on what to say in your ads or how to say it? Guess what? We have a worksheet that helps you create ads that people want to read, watch, & buy from, and a bunch of examples.

2. Billy Gene’s 5 Most Geneius Ads: Get our tested and proven ads that we’ve used to build a community of over 30,000+ paying students in 75 different countries.

  • What happened when we promoted Facebook image ad? We sold over 20,000 courses and generated $2,000,000+ in revenue in 31 days (it was a best month in company history)
  • What did I say on this YouTube ad that took 20 minutes to film and generated an additional $142,136 in recurring revenue? No need to wonder, we’re going to send it to you.
  • You know how people say it’s impossible to sell something “high ticket” to cold traffic? They’re probably not that good at making ads because this one killed it. 

3. Billy Gene’s 5 Most Geneius Emails Here’s the deal… email is not dead, it f*cking works.

  • The High Ticket Conversation Starter“. If you’re selling something expensive, use this email and change some words. This very well may be the most profitable email you ever send because it cost you $1 and gets big spenders on the phone, ready to buy.
  • If They Say No, Say This…“. Here’s the deal, most people who see your offer don’t buy, and when they don’t buy send them this. Thank me later (obviously change the words to match your own sh*t).
  • The Dear Mama Email“. It tugs at the heart strings. It works for any holiday. But most importantly it generates sales like a Mofo.
  • The Road Map“. If you’re trying to sell any kind of event, this email is plug and play and it’s fricken fire.
  • The Clicker“. Nothing creates more urgency than this little tool that we place in a whole bunch of our emails.

4. Billy Gene’s Video Sales Letter Script Formula The fastest and most scalable way to make sales is through video, so use this 14 part script to start making sales with video. (P.S. Your cell phone is fine, don’t overthink it)

5. 500 Wealthiest Zip Codes In The United States If you’re sick of people complaining about the price of your sh*t, use this list of zip codes to target people who can likely afford it.

6. Before The Launch & After The Launch Checklists Not sure where to start when building out your Facebook or Instagram campaign? Don’t sweat it! We’ve got you covered with this step-by-step checklist so that you can launch your ads with ease and confidence. AND once you’ve turned that campaign on, we have an additional checklist that will help you stay on track.

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