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Get started with KDP printable journals with this massive KDP interior pack. Here, you’ll find 73 beautiful journals and planners of all kind from my store. All gathered in one bundle. They are also being sold separately at my store.

Files included:
•1 PDF file each (ready to print or upload);
•1 DOC file each;

High res. – 300dpi – 6x9in (15,24×22,86cm) – 110 pages
The journal is formatted for a printable notebook and for KDP upload. The margins are 1,9cm and 1,27cm.

Edit the first two pages and write any text that you want. The text in the first two pages serves just as an example. You may keep it or delete it.

There will be no watermarks of any kind on your product.

Files come in a ZIP folder which must be unzipped (extracted) to use the files inside!

•Ecommerce Planner – Steps to Your Shop.
•Product Review Journal. KDP Printable.
•Habit Tracker Hermosa Collection KDP.
•Daily Sales Log Printable KDP Notebook.
•Mindfulness Simple Printable Journal.
•Password Logbook and Email List Keeper.
•Weekly Purchases and Wish List Notebook.
•Knitting Plan and Samples Keeper Journal.
•Jewelry Crafter Planner and Inventory.
•Samples Keeper Printable Notebook. KDP.
•Planning Weekly Priorities at a Glance.
•Planner for Weekly Priorities and Tasks.
•Plan Your Blog Posts KDP Journal.
•Achievements Journal Printable Notebook.
•Daily to-do List for Skincare Routine.
•Houseplant Care and Observation Journal.
•Worker Gnome to-do List KDP Interior.
•Printable Bujo for Financial Tracker.
•Fall Thanksgiving to-do List KDP Interior.
•Christmas Letters to Santa KDP Interior.
•Plaid Christmas Shopping Gift List KDP.
•Ideas Notebook with Plaid Christmas Tree.
•Reading Journal with a Cat and Paws Illustration.
•Tea Break for Ideas Journal KDP Interior.
•Daily Citrus Themed Meal Planner.
•Write and Draw a Halloween Story for KDP.
•Elegant Birthday and Gift Ideas Notebook.
•Online Purchase Tracker for KDP or Print.
•Christmas Shopping Gift List Notebook.
•Halloween Drinks and Cocktails Notebook.
•Halloween to-do List Printable Notebook.
•Insert or KDP Interior for Ideas Journal.
•Watercolor Vitamins and Supplements Logo.
•Vitamin, Supplements, and Medication Log.
•Watercolor Daily Meal Planner Printable.
•Watercolor Reading Printable Journal.
•Partners and Collab Projects Organizer.
•Watercolor Printable to-Do List.
•Weekly Priorities Planner in Watercolor.
•Universal Inventory Printable Organizer.
•Sticker Designer Sketchbook and Planner.
•Weekly Hair Care Routine Planner Journal.
•Jewelry Making Crafter Printable Planner.
•Drink Recipe Notebook, Colored Clipart.
•Daily Skincare Beauty Routine Journal.
•Projects and Clients Organizer Notebook.
•Pineapple Gratitude Printable Journal.
•Drinks Recipe Printable Interior for KDP.
•Pineapple to-do List Printable Interior.
•Sunflower Daily Meal Planner Printable.
•Sunflower Prayer Journal Printable KDP.
•Sunflower Gardening Journal Printable.
•Sunflower Daily Cleaning Routine Planner.
•Sunflower Gratitude Journal Printable.
•Cute Daily Cleaning and Tidying Routine.
•Daily Cleaning and Tidying Routine Plan.
•Daily Meal Planner Printable Interior.
•Sunflower Reading Printable Journal.
•Sunflower to-do List Printable Interior.
•Celtic Gardening Tracker Journal.
•Gratitude Journal with Dandelion Seeds.
•Gratitude Journal with Floral Corners.
•Gardening Journal Printable Interior.
•Gratitude Journal with Masculine Design.
•Gratitude Journal with a Feather Clipart.
•Reading Journal with Books and Coffee.
•Elegant Reading Tracker Journal Interior.
•KDP Interior Weekly Financial Planner.
•KDP Interior the Peaches to-do List.
•Knitting, Crochet Notebook KDP Interior.
•KDP Interior Blog Post Planner.
•The Smart to-Do List with a Heart Accent.
•Pinterest Pins Planner – KDP Notebook.

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