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About the course: 

Watch Over Our Shoulders As We Share With You Our Best Strategies, Secrets and Tricks In The Domain Flipping Business!

  • This business is very simple and profitable. You can do it when you have time, in no more than 10 minutes per domain name you want to flip for profits.
  • No previous experience or skills are needed to run this business. We will give you all the tools you need to excel in this business and work like a pro.
  • No software or email list is needed to run this business. This business is entirely free, so the unique thing you will pay is $7.99 for each domain name.
  • No paid advertising is needed. You will learn how to get free visitors to your auction so that you can close many sales per month and turn this into a profitable side income.

So What Is Profitdom And How Do
We Profit From Expired Domains?
ProfitDom is based on the results we achieved by buying and selling targeted domain names and making a tidy profit.​How many would you buy and sell if you knew how to buy something for $7.99 and sell it for $200, $350, $500, or $1000? ​​This course is a new, unique, never seen before and fail-proof domain flipping and investment system that can potentially earn you between $1000 – $4000+ per month WITH our STRATEGY OF EXPIRED DOMAINS.
Over 3 million domains are expiring every day, so the issue of getting a domain won’t be a problem with our secret method. If you can read, write and check your emails, you can do this without any problem.

What This Is Not…

  • This is not a method you have already seen somewhere.
  • This is not about buying random and costly domain names.
  • This is not about creating websites or anything requiring hours of work.
  • ​This is not something difficult and stressful.
  • ​This is not a method full of difficult tasks.
  • ​This is not something that fills you with hope and doesn’t deliver.

What’s Inside This Course?

  • ​How to know which domain names are worth and which are not.
  • ​How to register expired domain names for $7.99 without additional fees.
  • ​The three types of domain names you must look for to be able to sell.
  • ​ How to sell your domain names on two different portals (not Flippa.)
  • ​ Two markets in which you can sell with ease.
  • ​ How to safely transfer domain names.
  • ​ All the training you need to start and run this business like a pro.
  • ​ And much, much more!

How Profitable Is This Cool Business?

  • Insure.com was sold for $16m.
  • PrivateJet.com was sold for $30.18m.
  • ​VacationRentals.com was sold for $35m.
  • ​BrownBread.com was sold for $2,386.
  • ​Ebola.com was sold for $200K.
  • ​And average people like YOU can spot a huge domain name as well!

What Are The Benefits For You?

  •  You can build a passive income in minutes and in your spare time.
  •  You can count on platforms that work hard for you.
  •  You can repeat the process anytime to make more sales.
  • ​ There is zero competition if you get the domain names we suggest.
  • ​ You can enjoy the time spent with your family while you are not really “working.”
  • ​ It’s doable by anyone, newbies and professionals included.
  • ​ It’s an evergreen method that works today and will always work.
  • ​ And way more benefits as well!

What’s Inside For You?

  •  A full video course recorded by Alessandro Zamboni.
  • ​ Access to an exclusive and valuable bonus.
  • ​ My support email for asking any questions.

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