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With the purchase, you will get four books;
1. Automatic Video Creation
After reading this book, you can expect to make quality videos in just 20-30 minutes. The book also shows you methods in which you can make quality Top 10 videos in just 5 minutes, a lot of other methods and private templates are included in the book.
2. YouTube Growth
Are you tired of wasting your time on luck and betting on whether the youtube algorithm will pick up your video? You don’t have to anymore, this book has hidden and private methods to get your YouTube videos to the top 3 for any search, get them featured in recommended videos, and get tons of new subscribers in ways you never thought of before.
3. YouTube Logic
This book will show you all the logical methods to advertise your YouTube videos, something you probably didn’t think of but is completely logical and successful.
4. YouTube Monetization
There are tons of hidden methods in this book that you won’t even need to make youtube videos to make money with, just with this book you can start making huge money on youtube.
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Some of the videos you can make with this book:

  • Sample 1
  • Sample 2
  • Sample 3
  • Sample 4

And many more, these are just examples.

Who is this book for?
For anyone who wants to get started with YouTube or who is already doing it, everyone will find it valuable.

Do I need any skills to make this book work for me?
Everything you need is in the book.

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