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DIAMOND LEVEL: With Silver You’ve Got Your Hot Offer, With Gold You Become a Sales Rainmaker, Now You Create Demand on Demand – More Leads, More People to See Your Offer So Your Stripe and Paypal Notifications Go NUTZ Zongo…
NOTE if You’re New to PSM: The Phoneless Sales Machine is how we get leads from email, FB groups, Youtube, Insta, anywhere there’s an audience, qualify them over DM and then close them with Google Docs on products from $500 to $50,000 with NO PHONE CALLS!
Diamond Level entitles you to IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the Tried and True PSM 2.0+ the keys to PSM 3.0 as it is being released!

What’s NEW in PSM 3.0:

*NEW BREAKTHROUGH ONE: Big Ticket sales without phone calls OR tapping either! DM and Chat sales are super fun when you’re tapping in $500 to $50,000 sales in bed watching Yellowstone. With 3.0 I’ve totally figured out how to eliminate the DMing back and forth.
There’s still a time and a place for DMs.
But I’m gonna hook you up with examples of what I’m doing to make Stripe sing without the tapping 3 Step dance.

*NEW BREAKTHROUGH TWO: More leadsPre-sold leadsCreate Demand ON Demand! Whether you’re using 2.0 with DMs or 3.0, once you’ve got your offer working you want more eyeballs to see your offer – and with earnings per click in the $50 to $100 range that I’ve been able to hit with PSM 3.0…even 10 more people a day seeing your offer is an extra $500 to $1,000 in your pocket a day.
I’ve made new breakthroughs in getting those eyeballs by what we LEAVE out, not what we add in. By doing LESS content and NOT MORE…and taking what worked and cloning it into new lead flow.
Where I used to pull 3 to 5 leads from an email or post, I often pull 30 to 50 now…with LESS SWEAT creating posts, emails and content.

Sale Page: https://archive.ph/kHG7I

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