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Struggling with debt? Find solutions here.

Conquering overwhelming debt starts with understanding your options. Solve Your Money Troubles gives you the tools you need to get your finances back on track. Learn how to:

  • stop debt collector harassment cold
  • negotiate down your debt with creditors
  • reduce your student loan payments, and
  • create a healthy financial plan that you can live with.But that’s not all. Solve Your Money Troubles helps you handle the big issues, too. Find out how to:
    • stop a wage garnishment from leaving you penniless
    • get your car back after a repossession
    • prevent a foreclosure by applying for a workout program
    • respond to an action if you get sued, and
    • decide if it’s time to wipe the slate clean by filing for bankruptcy.Most importantly, you can count on getting the support you need. In addition to up-to-date legal information, you’ll find practical tools, such as sample creditor letters and budgeting worksheets. And, if the law changes, you won’t be left out of the loop. You’ll have online access to all of the latest debt, credit, and bankruptcy developments.

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