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Unlock advanced insights with Google BigQuery and Google Analytics 4

Are you ready to redefine your approach to data?

Query GA4 Data In Google BigQuery is a comprehensive zero-to-hero course designed to teach you everything you need to know about raw data access, query, and analysis. Enroll now to learn how to become more skilled, more curious, and more adventurous with data!

Welcome to our zero-to-hero course in Google BigQuery. This course will teach you all you need to know about SQL and Google BigQuery, and you’re going to use the popular Google Analytics 4 data export as the basis for your explorations.

Google BigQuery is a data warehouse solution running on the Google Cloud Platform. But it’s not just for storing data – as its name implies, BigQuery is all about querying the data in order to answer your most burning analytics questions. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll prefer it to anything that the analytics platforms themselves offer natively in their user interfaces!

We designed this course to cater to a number of different student profiles. The course has a linear ramp-up progression, beginning with very straightforward introductory lessons, before diving into the different aspects of BigQuery using real-world data and real-world use cases.

-> If you work in an organization where GA4 is the leading web and app analytics toolthis course is for you.

-> If you want to leverage GA4 data outside of the GA user interface, to join and enrich it with other marketing, CRM and contextual data, this course is for you.

-> If you want to learn SQL in a meaningful way in the context of relevant marketing use cases, this course is for you.

-> If you want to perform advanced analysis on your GA4 data, this course is for you.

-> If you want to store your GA4 data in BigQuery (Google Cloud) and/or send it to your data warehouse in other cloud services like AWS, Azure, or Snowflake, this course is for you.

-> If you want to visualize your GA4 data in tools like Data Studio, Tableau, Looker, or PowerBI, this course is for you.

The course comprises bite-sized, task-based video lessons, plenty of supportive materials and text content, quizzes to test your knowledge, and LIFETIME ACCESS to the material.

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