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The most efficient, profitable comprehensive and efficient NQ method of order flow is now available!

This is a thorough training course designed specifically for traders who want to trade Nasdaq futures and make the most of its unique behaviour. NQ tends to fluctuate between specific levels which are described here and illustrated through several trading sessions!

The course will consist of:

3 hours of deep dives into every order flow pattern and the exact way to deal with them absorptions, spoofs and book flips and much more

The levels that are exclusive to NQ, that offer an advantage, which levels to use using specific entries and exits

High-risk short-term trades, that have a positive risk/rewardratio: expect only 6-8 ticks of stop-loss and minimum 16 ticks in profit

How to trade and read the VWAP and volume profile

The “cookie dip” is explained in the second section of the course. It’s a extremely effective pattern that will generally stop the majority of traders however, not you!

How to trade on the days of trend or range

How to efficiently manage the position after you have is

The purchase comes with an opportunity for a free 30 minute coaching time with Scott!

A fresh look at Nasdaq behavior with the most powerful software for reading orders available on the market, Bookmap.com, that can’t be found elsewhere. An extremely profitable strategy which combines efficiency, simplicity and depth.

You will not have to trade in any other market and you won’t have to be worried about the negative NQ any more!

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