[Download] Print on Demand: Designing Custom Jewelry with AI (2023)

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About the course:

Sell Print on Demand Jewelry & Design Custom Product with AI – Learn how to start jewelry print on demand business, build online store with Shopify, and use AI to generate cool design

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to find high quality and reliable jewelry suppliers by evaluating product quality, reputation, review, and lead times
  • Learn how to do market and product research using Alura IO
  • Learn how to generate cool designs for jewelries using Leonardo AI
  • Learn how to add designs and customize necklaces, bracelets, earrings on Printify, Shine On, Zazzle, Awkward Styles, OWNprint, and Dreamship
  • Learn how to import jewelry product from Printify store to Etsy marketplace
  • Learn how to import jewelry products from Awkward Styles and Dreamships to Shopify store
  • Learn how to customize Shopify store and add themes
  • Case study: analysing pros and cons of selling jewelry on marketplaces vs your own online store
  • Learn how to price your jewelry products competitively in the market
  • Learn several marketing strategies to reach more potential customers, such as social media promotion, user generated content, and building email lists
  • Learn how to set up Tiktok Ads campaign to promote jewelry products
  • Learn how to set up Pinterest Ads campaign to promote jewelry products

Sale Page: https://www.udemy.com/course/print-on-demand-designing-custom-jewelry-with-ai/

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