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48-Page Book Buys Him a Yacht

From Dead-End Job to Financial Freedom

He was working at a small store

He wasn’t getting paid very much

He was forcing himself to get up in the morning

When he suddenly had a crazy idea:

“I think I’ll write a short book and upload it to Amazon.”

He wrote the book very quickly

He did no marketing at all

No promotion at all

He didn’t spend a dime on anything

He didn’t even tell his friends about it!

He simply uploaded the book

And then he forgot about the book

He moved on to other things

Guess what?

The book exploded with success 

All by itself

Almost automatically

It kept flying higher and higher

He was truly shocked

He honestly couldn’t believe it

His success was so easy and so big, that he had to ask himself:

“How the heck did I do this??”

And then he went back and pieced together exactly how he did it

How he achieved success without even trying

He figured it out:

He had connected his tiny book to a world-wide bestseller

Amazon automatically linked his little book to this huge bestseller 

And Amazon’s Recommendation Engine did all the work for him

His book ‘piggybacked’ on the sales and royalties of this massive bestseller

I will show you exactly how he did it

And how you can use this super-power technique for your own advantage 

It is extremely easy to implement

Once you see the simple steps

This is why I love SHORT BOOKS

You can write them very quickly

Launch them very quickly

And get your royalties streaming in

I have been preaching short books for years

All my books are short books now

And I make more royalties than ever before

Not to mention less stress and more happiness

We are now living in a Twitter Culture

People want bite-sized content

Content they can buy quickly, and eat on the run

Short books absolutely fulfill that need

ANYONE can do this

He certainly was no professional

He made a bunch of obvious mistakes

But he got the core things right

His strategy works for both fiction and non-fiction

So I urge you to write a short book

You can do it over the weekend

I want you to have a genuine breakout success

Yes, he really did buy a yacht with his Amazon royalties 

Yes, I show you proof inside

Yes, I show you his yacht

But you don’t have to buy a yacht with your royalties!

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