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How it Works

  • 4 Week On-Demand Training Program

    Get Access to 4 weeks of Advanced Native Ads Training, in which Liam Walks you through the process of setting up,  running & optimising your campaigns.

  • Personal One-On-One Coaching Calls With Liam

    Get direct access to Liam’s coaching calendar where you can book upto 4 direct calls with him. On the valuable calls, Liam can review you progress, offer you personal advice to help you succeed with Native Ads..

  • Life-Time Access To Training Membership Area

    Although the training will be delivered over 4 weeks, you will get lifetime access to the membership area where you can re-watch any of the content when you like.

  • 6 Weeks Telegram Coaching & Support From Liam

    Get instant access to Liam’s direct coaching telegram where you can ask him questions, share screenshots & ask his advice on your campaigns. This support will continue even after you have completed the 4-week course, to ensure your future success (6 weeks in total)

  • VIP Mastermind Community

    When you join you will be invited to a private VIP Facebook, in this group you can ask questions & network with your the rest of the Master Natives Community

  • Bonus: 39 Done-For-You Native Landing Pages

    Want to get up and running faster? Get Access to 39 Proven Landing Page Templates that you can use to promote Affiliate Products on Native Ads.

  • Bonus: Access To Liam’s 6 Figure Affiliate Bootcamp 

    This training is focused solely on Native Ads. But when you join you can get access to my 6 figure affiliate Bootcamp training program. This bonus will teach you about other methods of affiliate marketing, organic traffic, paid traffic & email marketing
    Usual Price  :$997


What You Get:

  • Introduction Building The Foundation

    Before you start learning the secrets of Native Ads & Affiliate Marketing you need to learn the basics. In this section I will walk you through some live campaigns & show you the tools required to start your Native Ads Marketing Journey.

  • Week 1

    Finding a Winning Offer

    This week I show you the secret to finding successful offers that will work well on Native Ads. This is the most important step if you do not want to waste money.

    In this section, I will give you my winning offer checklist and show you exactly to do competitive research to find winnings offers. So your first campaign is set for success.

  • Week 2
    Crafting Your Campaign

    This week is all about creating the creative elements of your first native ads campaign.

    In this section I show you how to create your adverts, headlines & landing pages. I cover copywriting skills that will get customers clicking on your ads with their credit card in hand.

  • Week 3

    Running Your Campaign

    This Week we start to put everything together & I show you how to run your Native Ads Campaign.

    In this section i cover the technical side of setting up & running your campaign, while sharing my top optimisation secrets that will stop you wasting money get your profitable in record time.

  • Week 4

    Optimising & Upscaling

    This week is when you should start to see the real profit rolling in as I cover how to optimise & upscale your winning campaign.

    This section is like gold as I teach you the tricks of trade for squeezing out pure profit from your campaign. When you get to this section, it’s like owning a money printer.


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