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About the course: 

Marketing strategy essentials to scale results in 2023 – Regardless of budget, resource or industry, achieve set out marketing targets with the right strategy and tactics.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the importance strategic marketing planning plays on delivering business targets
  • Control marketing activity across multiple channels and be confident measuring success
  • Never be short of marketing ideas when you learn how to create and run a robust marketing strategy
  • Understand the principles of scalable marketing from strategy to evaluation


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This is a crash course in marketing strategy to help marketing managers and business owners build a roadmap to delivering and scaling business results. This course includes the fundamental areas of marketing strategy layered with my 14 years of experience to show you how I apply elements of strategy to channels, and tactics to get results needed.

You will learn four key principles of marketing strategy – Strategy, Planning, Execution, Evaluation

As part of understanding what is a marketing strategy we’ll cover ways to identify your market position, see how audience insights impact marketing messaging and delve into measurement to set robust marketing targets.

In the planning section we’ll approach channels with our marketing strategy in mind and start thinking about the ways we can use them to reach target audiences. You will have access to a brand interaction mapping template so you can go through all channels at your disposal and map out the brand interactions your audiences will be encountering at different stages of the user journey. The course will also include a checklist of all the important areas to cover when undertaking a channel audit.

When it comes to execution, it’s all about tactics. Here, you will learn how to inform tactics using your strategy. You can utilise the marketing plan template included to start working through the logistics of your marketing ideas and enjoy a bird’s eye view of all your marketing tactics.

Evaluation is often the after-thought in marketing. Here, I offer a few key prompts to get you into the mindset of keeping your strategy always informed with latest learnings and data.

Each lecture asks questions to encourage you to dig deeper into your marketing data and activity to really understand if it’s fit for purpose. You can use the headings of this course to build your very own marketing strategy or update an existing one. Marketing templates included as part of this course will get you thinking about how to take control of activity and plan on the go, while being laser-focused on overarching goals.

Who this course is for:

  • business owners
  • marketing managers
  • marketing executives
  • marketing professionals

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